Event Insights from PRG: How Smart Event Technology Improves Attendee Experiences

Post authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist

Jim Kelley PRGProduction Resource Group (PRG) is a leading supplier of entertainment and event production technology solutions. They’re also a valued partner of Maritz Global Events (MGE) and Experient. We caught up with Jim Kelley, VP, Industry Relations to learn more about how smart event technology can be leveraged as a success catalyst in the context of event production.

Demand for event transformation has never been higher. Yes, the stakes are rising for event organizers, but technology is a powerful lever to speed up and improve your event transformation journey.

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Scaling Up Your Conference Content Marketing Machine

content marketing

The practice of content marketing has made a resurgence in the past decade, but studies have shown few companies know how to make it work.

By Harby Tran, Director of Marketing

Conferences and trade shows are major hubs for learning, networking and peer-to-peer collaboration.

But once the live event ends, the excitement over new discoveries starts to subside and those big ideas at the conference tend to get put on the back burner, as other priorities demand attention.

If only there was a way to keep that energy and enthusiasm going strong, long after the live event ends.

There is … it’s called content marketing.

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e4 Opening Keynote: Live Inspired

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Marketing Manager

John O'LearyPeople smarter than I am have suggested I take my life lessons and apply them to my professional life.

That advice always perplexed me. It’s a grand idea in theory, I suppose, but how do you apply losing a friend or getting stood up at prom to your professional life? Typically, personal experiences are personal and professional experiences are professional.

Well, at least that’s what I thought until I heard John O’Leary speak at the Maritz Global Events annual e4 conference in Las Vegas.

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Managing Event Team Members from Afar

Remote workerGuest post authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Maven, Enlighten 123

According to a recent Gallup Work and Education Poll, there’s been steady growth in the remote work sector.

To give you some context, in 1995, only 9% of U.S. workers were working from home at least a couple of days each month. Today, this remote workforce (full-time, part-time, occasional) is approaching 40%, with nothing but growth on the horizon.

Technology has been a huge catalyst, but should this option be available to all? What questions should managers ask to determine if such an arrangement is suitable for both the employer and the employee?

That debate is still unfolding. Continue reading

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The Effects of Globalization on Our Events

globalizationPost authored by Chip Smith, Vice President, Global Solutions

This past month I attended a graduation ceremony at the University of Virginia. I was wondering what the speaker, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at the World Bank Group, may possibly contribute to this group. As she was addressing the new Public Policy graduates, her message struck me on two fronts: how to achieve in the best interest of the collective good and her reminder to us of the effects of globalization. This quickly made me think of the changing dynamics within our event industry. Continue reading

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The Importance of Resilience for Event Teams

RunnerPost authored by Jackie Richards, VP, People & Development

As I began my Sunday morning run, I reflected on how grateful I am for so many things: family, love and my career.

After smiling for a few miles on the love I have and share with my husband and child, I also reflected on how cool it is to work for an industry leading company. Yes, we have awesome products and services, but we are also an industry leader in culture. Our culture embraces a dual bottom-line, where equal importance is placed on financial results and the results of our people. This approach has changed how we practice the human resources function. In a people-centered culture, we care about the total person, not just who they are and what they do on the weekdays from nine until five. Continue reading

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The Paradox of Technology: Conquering the Event Data Deluge

Event Data DelugePost authored by Brian Scott, Chief Information Officer

Technology… technology… technology… You can’t get away from that word in today’s world.

Look! I just used it three times.

It’s to the point that its usage has numbed our brains to what we’re supposed to be getting out of all this gizmo stuff.

It can do this! It can do that! Really? Are you sure? Or is it simply going to churn out one more report or dashboard that leaves us scratching our heads thinking, “What am I supposed to do with all that information?” Continue reading

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How Thinking Backwards Helps Events Leap Forward

boy-rock-leapingPost authored by Jeff Fugate, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

Thinking “inside-out” is the most common way to think. Generally speaking, when we begin an event cycle, we start with what feels like the obvious questions:

  • What are our event goals and objectives?
  • What can we do with what we already have?
  • How can we improve our operations, processes and deliverables?
  • How can we stretch our budget further?

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Events Are Akin to Large Family Gatherings

Post authored by Cynthia Hornketh, CMM, VP, Experience Design

Have you ever been to a gathering and felt like everyone had an identity or role except you? Like family dinners where Aunt Sue is in charge of dessert, Agnes is the chief dishwasher, Uncle Joe is the conversation antagonist and so on.

Everyone brings something to the table. Even the ‘first-timer’ friend has a role—a fresh audience to hear the worn-torn family stories.

Now, let’s translate and apply this powerful family dinner dynamic to the events we design. Continue reading

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The Sharing Economy is Here: Let’s Capitalize On It!

sharing economy eventsPost authored by Char Shada, CMP, Director, Strategic Accounts

The Sharing Economy (also known as Collaborative Consumption) has been revving up for several years. This trend has been fueled by a growing consumer preference to rent or borrow goods, rather than buy or own them.

Rachel Botsman was among the first to champion this trend. In her popular 2010 TED talk, Rachel shared one example about power drills. Most in the audience owned one, yet she went on to say, “That power drill will be used maybe 12-13 minutes in its entire lifetime. Because what you need is the hole, not the drill. So why don’t you rent the drill, or even better, rent out your own drill to other people and make some money from it?” With a few more stories and examples, a new industry was born. Continue reading

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