Hackathons: Where Discovery & Networking Blend Beautifully

hackathonsPost authored by Jamie Murdock, VP, Sales

Per Wikipedia, a “hackathon” is a “sprint-like event in which programmers, designers and others… collaborate intensively to advance projects.”

To make one thing clear, I don’t typically cite Wikipedia for professional references; however, the dictionary definition refers to cyber hacking, and that’s definitely not what we’re talking about today. 

While that type of “hackathon” is designed to tear down, what we are referring to builds up and creates new ideas and opportunities for a brighter future.

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3 Smart Event Activation Ideas to Share with Your Exhibitors

By Gary Schirmacher, SVP Industry Presence & Strategic Development

When it comes to events, we’re studying this rapidly-changing business landscape from two vantage points:

  1. As a solution specialist, helping event organizers design and deliver exceptional experiences;
  2. As an investor, tapping industry events to grow relationships with our clients, as well as prospects who may be seeking help.

It’s interesting to see how often one vantage point feeds the other.

We might spot something smart being done by an exhibitor at an event we’re working and tweak that idea to use in our own booth. On the flip side, we might road-test new activation ideas and share the best ones with our clients, so they can pass these along to their exhibitors.

In 2016, our team pushed the limits on both counts. In this post, we’d like to showcase three ideas that generated meaningful value for us.

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Year In Review: Top Five Posts of 2016

11396380473_2331098a55_oPost authored by Mitch Cooper, Marketing Specialist

As the year that was 2016 comes to a close, many of us will spend a few moments reflecting on the past 365 days. We will think about the good things that happened, the bad times we experienced and how far we have come since the year began.

This year, we’ve been thrilled to host some terrific articles on our Event Industry Blog that have inspired, offered advice and helped event and conference planners to be more successful.

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IAEE Session Debrief: Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

knowingPost authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP Sales & Marketing

Once again, IAEE’s Expo!Expo! surpassed expectations with an endless stream of great ideas for trade show organizers to explore.

One standout experience for me was hosting a “guru gathering,” Trade Show Smarts: Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

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Trade Show 2021: The Experience Economy Roars Louder

experience economyPost authored by Brian Strickland, Director of Sales, Sports & Enthusiast

Trade show guest expectations are escalating, yet the biggest challenges for event organizers still lie ahead.

At IMEX America 2016, I had the privilege of leading an Inspiration Hub session where we scanned five years out and imagined what events might look like in 2021. While technology was a constant thread throughout, there was another topic that commanded even more attention with this group…

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Behavioral Data: The New Trade Show Currency

behavioral dataPost authored by Terence Donnelly, Vice President of Sales

At IMEX America 2016 in Las Vegas, I had the privilege of leading an interactive session titled Behavioral Data: The New Trade Show Currency.

These discussion-driven sessions with trade show strategists are priceless, as participants share stories and ideas they’re exploring with one another. Most who attended this session had tested several data collection methods, but the results’ mileage varied.

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“Show Me” Marketing Strategies to Boost Attendance and Loyalty

marketing strategiesPost authored by Harby Tran, Director of Marketing

Last week, we explored why “Show Me” Outperforms “Tell Me.” If you missed this post, give it a read, as it provides more context for today’s deeper dive.

Images are powerful “Show Me” magnets to weave into your event marketing plan.

An image, like the photo above, helps potential attendees envision the valuable exchanges and encounters they’ll have at your event. With education and networking ranking as the top two reasons why people attend professional conferences, this photo packs more punch around those two triggers than a paragraph of text ever could. Continue reading

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Smart Marketing: Why “Show Me” Outperforms “Tell Me”

lt0dwxdqrksqkx7439ey_chaz_fisheye-11Post authored by Harby Tran, Director of Marketing

“Show, Don’t Tell” is a maxim successful copywriters have long embraced.

This concept of showing, rather than telling holds great promise for trade show marketers, too.

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Is Your Event Mobile App Wired for Tribalization?

event mobile app

Marriott International partnered with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) to study the future of meetings. With event disruptions multiplying, they gathered a team of experts to identify emerging trends, as well as actions event organizers could take to capitalize on these trends.

There’s one trend that’s ripe for event mobile app optimization.
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International Event Planning 101: Why The ‘Where’ Matters Most

international event planning

If you’re considering your first foray into the realm of international event planning, you’re off to a good start. The first element of any major endeavor must be setting the goals, objectives and expectations of an event, followed by a solid research phase. You must look at basic ideas of what will be required and what you can expect. While this isn’t a comprehensive plan on how you should navigate the process, we have provided helpful tips in a series of blogs on where to start from trusted industry experts on how to find the right location, how to embrace the local culture and how to prepare for just about anything.

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