5 Social Media Ideas to Energize Your Event

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

social mediaWithout a doubt the Internet has made the world a smaller place.  In the meetings and events business, social media has changed the way we think about the participant experience. A multitude of useful online tools have emerged, opening the door for meeting professionals to broaden the scope of their events and engage with customers in a variety of interesting and effective ways. What are you doing to embrace this technology?

All too frequently organizations launch a social media campaign for their conference with little or no advance planning (aka “build it and they will come” concept). Predictably, leadership becomes frustrated with the results and eventually abandons the initiative(s). Others utilize it only as a marketing tool. In doing so, I believe they are missing out on a larger opportunity!

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4 Benefits of a Hybrid Meeting Tech Moderator

iStock_000018975890LargePost authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

Has your organization jumped on the Hybrid events bandwagon?  Have you seen a greater interest in online education offerings, within your customer base? Well, you are not alone!

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6 Easy Tips to Blow Away Your Conference Competition

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

Blown AwayAre you struggling to find ways to distance your conference from the competition? Is there a piece of your event that is missing the mark?  Are past attendees choosing to attend other events instead of yours? If any of these challenges sound familiar it may be time for a conference makeover!

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What Can a “Toaster” Teach You About Mobile Technology at Your Event?

Post authored by Mike Godsey, Senior Vice President, Market Development, Experient

Smartphones with colorful speech bubblesOver the years, exhibitors have always exchanged information with attendees. Events and tradeshows drive business. We call it “lead retrieval.” Now take a walk down memory lane with me and you will see a shining example of how your event participants, using their own phones, are changing everything in the lead retrieval world.

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How to Be a Star: The Newest Trend in City-Wide Housing

Post authored by Heidi A. Voorhees, MBA, CAE, Senior Vice President, Housing, Experient

With the new seller’s market in full swing, revenue managers are playing a bigger role than ever in deciding how much inventory to give to a group, and at what rate. This makes the job of the show organizer even more challenging, as it puts the onus on them to prove their event’s value. They must provide detailed history information in order to obtain the inventory needed, and hopefully at a rate that works for the group’s demographics. Continue reading

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5 Tools for Supercharging Your Hotel Contract Negotiations

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

Fist BumpWhat aspect of your job, as a meeting professional,  most heavily influences the outcome of your organization’s conference?  Certainly many components contribute to success.  However, if your event requires the use of a hotel, a well negotiated contract will help pave the way for bringing home a winner!

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8 Techniques For Reducing Room Block Attrition Risk

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

funny-hotel-cartoonHave you noticed recently that it is becoming more difficult to negotiate hotel contracts? As the meetings industry economy continues to improve, hoteliers are becoming more conservative with contract concessions. On the risk management side, room block attrition is a particularly sensitive subject for both sides.

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6 Ideas to Improve Room Block Performance

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, ExperientParadox

Recently I have noticed a trend where some organizations are experiencing a bit of a paradox with the growth of their events.  Oddly, attendance is on the rise, yet their hotel room block usage is flat or even shrinking. Are you experiencing this issue?

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Three Key Skills of a 21st Century Meeting Professional

Post authored by Mike McCurry, National Account Manager, Experient

Do you believe (as I do) the world is a much different place today than it was prior to the turn of the century? Beginning with the 911 attacks, escalated terrorism, significant environmental (i.e. global warming) events and the great recession of 2008-09 triggered a period of significant change for all of us.world change keyboard

As a result of the above events most businesses today operate somewhat differently.  Organizations are more protective of their assets, spend their money more judiciously, and are more concerned about their reputation. In a world flooded with social media and E-commerce, the business climate is highly competitive. Customer Service remains a top priority.

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How’s Your Onsite Registration Working For You?

Post authored by James Kelley, Director, Onsite Services,  Experient

Make things easy for your attendees at onsite registation

We hear about space for onsite registration all the time from our customers. “Our exhibit sales team wants to sell the space where we placed registration,” “We don’t have any room in the lobby this year,” “Our show is growing and we need to add counters but don’t have the space.”

So what do we do?

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