Trade Show Smarts: Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Post authored by Jeff Fugate, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing 

you don't know nothing produce storeTrade show and conference organizers are on a constant quest for new event experiences that matter. Yet as the pace of change accelerates, this quest gets more challenging and it’s loaded with risk.

What if you design something new and substantial, only to discover that your attendees are now craving something else?

What happens when what you think you know about your event audience is wrong?
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Tech Breakthrough Dramatically Improves Trade Show Buyer and Seller Conversations

Post authored by Brian Scott, Chief Information Officer

eventbit-blogTrade shows are temporary deal-making ecosystems. Tens of thousands of buyers and sellers converge into a small and controlled space to discuss problems, solutions, aspirations, pricing, etc. For many, trade shows represent a year’s worth of critical deal-making conversations compressed into the span of a few days.

Once the show is over, the ecosystem is torn down to make way for the next one. Success rates are largely determined by human capabilities – namely, the maximum number of meaningful face-to-face exchanges each exhibitor and/or sponsor can have with qualified buyers.
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5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Activity in Your Mobile App

By Beth DeFrates, MSHTM, Manager, Product Group

Do you know your recent event’s mobile download rate? This is one of the most important questions you should be able to answer prior to creating a download goal for next year’s mobile event guide. Knowing your download rate can effectively help in measuring your app usage year-over-year.

Here are some tips and tricks we have used with our own mobile app, Engage®, to encourage downloads, mobile app activity, and of course, keep users Engaged!

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Event Revenue Optimization, aka Fix My P&L

Post authored by Gary Schirmacher, CMP, Senior VP, Industry Presence & Strategic Development

novemberEvent profitability has always been important, but today, executives are inspecting event financials more closely. More attention is being paid to how events ultimately impact the bottom line… for your organization, as well as for the event stakeholders you serve. Continue reading

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4 Eye-Catching Ways to Reinforce Your Attendee Connection

Post authored by Cynthia Hornketh, CMM, VP, Experience Design

7172845386_d8f12f79dc_oConnecting and engaging with your guests can happen repeatedly, throughout the event environment… as well as before and after the live event. Yet sometimes opportunities are underutilized.

How can you capitalize on the brief moments between major event crescendos to retain and enhance their attention? Here are four eye-catching ideas to consider:


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New York Times Goes Niche: Smart Event Growth Strategies to Adopt

Post authored by Gary Schirmacher, CMP, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing

NYTimesIt’s no secret that the newspaper industry is navigating through some very disruptive waters. As readership declines, advertising revenue follows suit. Publications that stick to their guns and fail to adapt to the New Normal for journalism (largely defined by readers) will have a tough time surviving.

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Three Key Attributes for Event Organizers Winning Big on Global

Post authored by Ben Goedegebuure, Global General Manager, Maritz Travel Company

global2In a previous post, Going Global? Destination Will Be a Crucial Success Driver, we explored decision factors and data you’ll need to gather to ensure you’re selecting a location that can deliver what you need.

With that in mind, there’s one more valuable resource you’ll need to tap to set the stage for a successful global meeting.

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Going Global? Destination Will Be a Crucial Success Driver

Post authored by Ben Goedegebuure, Global General Manager, Maritz Travel Company

hall of flagsAs our global economy continues to pick up steam, demands for face-to-face networking overseas will intensify. Today, more North American organizations are moving beyond their borders as they strive to grow revenues and market share globally.

As they proceed, international meetings, conferences and trade shows are often the first business growth accelerators they will explore. Continue reading

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Latin American Market Tees Up Major Growth Opportunities for Associations

Eduardo Chaillo, Global General Manager for Maritz Travel Company, has good reason to be bullish on Latin America. With more industries doubling down investments in Latin America and new agreements, like the Pacific Alliance, making it easier for associations to bring business leaders together for deal-making conversations, Chaillo sees tremendous opportunities for associations to expand their presence in this region.

Learn more about steps Maritz Travel Company is taking to help associations capitalize on these growth opportunities in this International Meetings Review interview with Chaillo at IMEX:

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Intrigued? Interested in learning more? Click here and let’s schedule a conversation.

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Event Sourcing Playbook: Six Essentials to Boost Profitability

Post authored by Andy Smith, Senior Vice President, Experient ESN

e4_augustGather a group of experienced event planning professionals for a discussion about sourcing and it’s a safe bet that the majority of exchanges will touch on two needs:

  1. Selecting Best Venue(s)
  2. Negotiating Best Deal(s)

While more rigorous site research and smarter negotiation strategies will move the success needle some, that’s only part of the equation. Today’s sourcing environment is fluid, with new complexities, new opportunities and new risks emerging constantly. Sourcing strategies that served event professionals well for years aren’t delivering as stellar results as they once did.

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