Earth Day 2017: Tips for Designing Sustainable Events

sustainable eventsWhether you’re trying to attract younger guests or simply just want to “do your part,” designing sustainable events is worthy a challenge for any organization.

As our society evolves into a more environmentally conscious mindset (including the increasing popularity of Earth Day), it only makes sense that our industry would follow suit.  If our goal is to create experiences that stick with attendees, aligning with the same philanthropic principles is a no-brainer.

Luckily, the process of doing so isn’t so difficult—or expensive—that it’s not a viable option.

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Experience Design Lab: A Chat With Greg Bogue

Experience design is a top priority for event organizers, yet it’s a skill set many struggle to master and apply.

Greg Bogue, Vice President of Experience Design at our parent company, Maritz Global Events, has helped more than 80 organizations advance their event experience design strategy in meaningful ways.

The Experience Design Lab serves as the catalyst for event innovation. It’s the place where breakthrough design ideas are proposed, discussed and refined.

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Hacking the Hackathon: A Chat with Jamie Murdock

Thinking about hosting a hackathon at your next conference?

This brainstorming method originally caught on in tech circles, as programmers, coders and others would congregate for a weekend to collaborate and solve complex problems.

Today, hackathons are being embraced by tech and non-tech event organizers, as it’s an outstanding forum where learning, innovation and networking exchanges multiply.

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The VIP Lounge: EDUCAUSE’s Thad Lurie Talks Event Data

For this episode of The VIP Lounge podcast, we caught up with Thad Lurie, Vice President of Operations and Chief Information Officer at EDUCAUSE.

We wanted to learn more about the exciting initiatives he’s spearheading to leverage data insights to know and serve his event stakeholders the experiences they crave most.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association with a mission to advance higher education through the use of information technology. Thad’s scope of responsibility at EDUCAUSE sweeps wide, as he leads teams tackling marketing, communications, publishing, conferences and IT.

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The CX Manifesto: Are You Designing Event Experiences with a Blindfold On?

customer experiencePost authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP, Strategic Sales & Marketing

There’s been much talk about data, especially in the context of event marketing and experience design, but talk is cheap. It’s time to advance from talking to doing.


Event guest expectations are skyrocketing and their experience palates are growing more sophisticated by the day. Yet many event organizers rely on sketchy data, observations, and even gut hunches to identify the event experiences they believe will satisfy these more discerning audiences.

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Fierce Event Loyalty: Transforming Passive Participants into Loyal Ambassadors

Post authored by Brian Strickland, Director of Sales, Sports & Enthusiast

Let’s start with a multiple choice question: Most people attend your events because…

A. They want to
B. They have to

Are most people choosing your event over countless others because they treasure the wealth of meaningful experiences you’re providing? Are they coming because you provide remarkable experiences that help them learn, grow, imagine, and explore – all while engaging in fascinating conversations with others who can help them?

Or are they choosing the path of least resistance? They’re coming because they need to score some quick CEUs to earn or renew a certification. And once those boxes are checked, they’ll be planning for an early exit. Continue reading

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The VIP Lounge: A Podcast to Catch Event Ideas Anytime, Anywhere

Event professionals have always been on-the-go types, but in today’s fast-paced world, many are moving even faster, as they navigate through a myriad of details to orchestrate remarkable events.

That’s why we launched The VIP Lounge, a podcast designed to help busy event profs catch great ideas, insights and stories from others — anytime, anywhere.

Preparing for a trip? Download an episode to enjoy on your flight. Commuting to work? Catch a few big ideas before your workday begins. Working out at the gym? Feed your mind with a podcast, while you strengthen your body.

You can subscribe to The VIP Lounge podcast via iTunes or Google Play — or hit the play bar below and listen from your desktop.

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Real-Time Attendee Behavioral Data is a Game Changer

behavioral dataTracking the behavioral data of attendees is not a new concept. It’s been an industry topic for quite some time.

However, bringing that idea into the next phase and actually giving planners the ability to make impactful decisions while the show is happening offers a world of possibilities and potential.

Show organizers make a lot of assumptions when trying to determine what will be attractive to attendees or which exhibits will get more traffic than others. Now, these assumptions can be either validated or disproven, replaced by hard data that can remove uncertainty and allow for more educated decision-making.

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EDUCAUSE Harnesses Event Data to Deliver Sensational Experiences

event dataPost authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist.

Every time I have a conversation with Thad Lurie, I get smarter.

Thad’s one savvy association executive who recognizes the perils of complacency and “status quo” thinking, especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

As VP of Operations and Chief Information Officer at EDUCAUSE, he leads marketing, communications, publishing, content, conferences, and Information technology (IT), with a core mission to help advance higher education through the better use of technology.

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Hackathons: Where Discovery & Networking Blend Beautifully

hackathonsPost authored by Jamie Murdock, VP, Sales

Per Wikipedia, a “hackathon” is a “sprint-like event in which programmers, designers and others… collaborate intensively to advance projects.”

To make one thing clear, I don’t typically cite Wikipedia for professional references; however, the dictionary definition refers to cyber hacking, and that’s definitely not what we’re talking about today. 

While that type of “hackathon” is designed to tear down, what we are referring to builds up and creates new ideas and opportunities for a brighter future.

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