IMEX 2017: Our Experiences So Far

IMEX 2017

With Day Two in the books at IMEX 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, our team has been busy with appointments, registration, education sessions and more.

We were able to get a little insight from the first few days at IMEX from Experient’s Cory Fransway and Char Shada, Directors of Strategic Accounts, and Gary Schirmacher, Senior Vice President of Industry Presence and Strategic Development.

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Global Events Part II: Managing Political Disruptors

political disruptors

Continuing with our Global Events series, the next topic is one that’s changing daily—Political Disruptors.

In this segment from our interview with Ben Goedegebuure, of Maritz Global Events, and Gregg Talley, of Talley Management Group, they explore Brexit, travel bans, visa restrictions and why the voice of our industry must be elevated to help more people grasp the long-term ramifications of changes and decisions happening today.

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Global Events Safety & Security: A Chat With Gregg Talley and Ben Goedegebuure

global events safety

Every day we hear about hostile and threatening situations taking place across the globe.

When considering all the violence we see on the news, we question how to ensure our events are safe for our guests.

As event planners, we know how important it is to be diligent in the areas of safety and security. But for global event planners, the issue is even more prominent. They are seeing their safety and security budgets increase and are more focused on resources that ensure their attendees are safe.

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3 Proof Points for Podcasts as an Event Marketing Catalyst


Post Authored by Harby Tran, Director of Marketing

In a world where our event marketing tactics include endless amounts of engaging content, I wonder if we’re truly utilizing one of its most effective and fastest-growing forms: podcasts.

While podcasts have been around for years, it took the launch of a show called Serial (a spinoff of This American Life) to vault the format’s popularity in modern culture. Since then, there’s been a steady uptick in listeners, but recent stats reveal something very intriguing: well-produced podcasts are resonating strongest with an elite audience that’s hard to reach – the affluent and well educated, aka the decision makers.

Sounds like a match made in heaven for associations hosting annual conferences.

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Convention Center Design Strategies: A Chat with SMG’s Gregg Caren

Gregg CarrenOften, we think of event experience design in the context of more intimate session rooms and networking receptions.

But can these same principles be scaled to address a much larger space?

As culture evolves, are convention centers designing new strategies to meet these needs?

We caught up with Gregg Caren, EVP, Convention Centers & Business Development at SMG, to learn more about smart ways to step up the event guest experience when you’re operating with a massive convention center design palette.

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Earth Day 2017: Tips for Designing Sustainable Events

sustainable eventsWhether you’re trying to attract younger guests or simply just want to “do your part,” designing sustainable events is worthy a challenge for any organization.

As our society evolves into a more environmentally conscious mindset (including the increasing popularity of Earth Day), it only makes sense that our industry would follow suit.  If our goal is to create experiences that stick with attendees, aligning with the same philanthropic principles is a no-brainer.

Luckily, the process of doing so isn’t so difficult—or expensive—that it’s not a viable option.

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Experience Design Lab: A Chat With Greg Bogue

Experience design is a top priority for event organizers, yet it’s a skill set many struggle to master and apply.

Greg Bogue, Vice President of Experience Design at our parent company, Maritz Global Events, has helped more than 80 organizations advance their event experience design strategy in meaningful ways.

The Experience Design Lab serves as the catalyst for event innovation. It’s the place where breakthrough design ideas are proposed, discussed and refined.

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Hacking the Hackathon: A Chat with Jamie Murdock

Thinking about hosting a hackathon at your next conference?

This brainstorming method originally caught on in tech circles, as programmers, coders and others would congregate for a weekend to collaborate and solve complex problems.

Today, hackathons are being embraced by tech and non-tech event organizers, as it’s an outstanding forum where learning, innovation and networking exchanges multiply.

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The VIP Lounge: EDUCAUSE’s Thad Lurie Talks Event Data

For this episode of The VIP Lounge podcast, we caught up with Thad Lurie, Vice President of Operations and Chief Information Officer at EDUCAUSE.

We wanted to learn more about the exciting initiatives he’s spearheading to leverage data insights to know and serve his event stakeholders the experiences they crave most.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association with a mission to advance higher education through the use of information technology. Thad’s scope of responsibility at EDUCAUSE sweeps wide, as he leads teams tackling marketing, communications, publishing, conferences and IT.

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The CX Manifesto: Are You Designing Event Experiences with a Blindfold On?

customer experiencePost authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP, Strategic Sales & Marketing

There’s been much talk about data, especially in the context of event marketing and experience design, but talk is cheap. It’s time to advance from talking to doing.


Event guest expectations are skyrocketing and their experience palates are growing more sophisticated by the day. Yet many event organizers rely on sketchy data, observations, and even gut hunches to identify the event experiences they believe will satisfy these more discerning audiences.

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