Hackathon Design Playbook: Tapping the Wisdom of Your Event Crowd


Gather four teams of smart people in a space wired for creative thinking. Put a complex challenge before them, with helpful tools for their problem-solving journey plus a chance to compete for a cool prize. Then step back and watch the amazing solutions they create.

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Stepping Up Your Event Gift-Giving Strategy – The VIP Lounge

event giftGift-giving is the theme for this podcast episode, as we explore smart ways to shower your event guests, speakers, and staff with gifts they’ll appreciate and remember for years to come.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Event Sourcing

event sourcing

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Content Development Manager

What is sourcing? Should event planners do their own sourcing? What is the benefit of someone else doing your sourcing? What is next for sourcing? What is important about terms and conditions? How does the sharing economy play into sourcing?

Let’s face it… there are a lot of questions we have around the best way to handle sourcing when organizing an event.

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Escalation Part II: Harnessing Your Event Team Superpower

Post authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP Sales and Marketing

In my previous post on escalation,  I shared my thoughts about how escalation, when deployed properly, can be an extremely effective method to improve  communications – within teams, with clients and across an entire organization.

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Event Experience Design Superheroes – The VIP Lounge

experience design

Experience design is the theme running across this entire podcast episode, which features two experience design superheroes who share a wealth of priceless insights with us.

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Want to Boost Event Attendance & Loyalty? Launch a Podcast

event attendance

The podcast nation continues to experience steady growth, with some of the biggest gains happening thanks to people tuning in from their vehicles.

So says Edison Research, in their report, The Podcast Consumer 2018, just released a couple of weeks ago.

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Immersion: The Perfect Sandbox for Live Events

live events

Post authored by Justin Mizel, Account Manager, Experient Live Events

I am so fortunate to be a part of the Live Events team at Experient. We are a team that embodies innovation and a passion for finding strategic solutions to events of all kinds. Most recently working with one of the most explosive and exciting industries – I am talking about the world of esports.

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Throttling Up Event Engagement & Innovation

5 Questions for Jamie Murdock, VP Sales at Experient

A savvy leader who is adept at tapping the wisdom of a crowd to solve complex problems. A creative thinker who asks smart questions and listens intently. A tireless advocate for teamwork and collaboration. A lifelong learner who can weave fun into nearly any experience.

Those are just a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of Jamie Murdock.

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A Strong Housing Strategy Will Enhance Experiences and Increase Your Revenue

Giving your guests comprehensive information and clear direction about their housing options has proven to be very lucrative for live events.

housing strategy

Post authored by Lynn Wirch, Director of Operations, Live Events

I began working with our live event clients on their housing programs because it became clear to me that many of our clients didn’t recognize how much money they were leaving on the table.

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Who’s Ready for Some World-Class Event Hacking in Cleveland?

event hacking

Hackathons Deconstructed: Designing Richer & More Rewarding Event Innovation Experiences

That’s the title for a one-of-a-kind workshop experience that combines behind-the-scenes hackathon design education with a series of actual hands-on hacking sprints. This PCMA weekend workshop immediately precedes their 2018 Education Conference June 10-13 in Cleveland. Think of it as the “warm up act” for the June 10th Opening Reception bash at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

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