Giving Back: How Your Event Can Make a Difference

giving back

Pouring back into the community that hosts your event should never be an obligation; it should be a display of gratitude and goodwill to those who have welcomed you and your attendees.

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5 Smart Tips to Show Gratitude to Your Event Team Year-Round

event team

By Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist

In our fast-paced and sometimes frantic world, we might occasionally forget to say “thanks” to those around us. Or we do so in such a fast and fleeting way, it fails to register with our event team.

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Invaluable Lessons From One of the Year’s Biggest Events

imex americaIt’s been nearly a month since dust of IMEX America has settled, yet still we find ourselves thinking about some of the incredible connections and insights we experienced.

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Reinvention: Tearing Your Event Down and Rebuilding it Better [Podcast]

event reinvention

In this edition of The VIP Lounge podcast, the focus is on event reinvention and how getting back to the basics can make all the difference.

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Is It Possible to Generate Event Housing Revenue Without Risk?

event housing

For too long, offering event housing solutions to your guests online came with a number of factors to consider. The risks associated with offering online housing solutions could be intimidating and cause event planners to shy away from doing so.

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Exhibitor ROI: Quelling Concerns & Unleashing Richer Buyer-Seller Exchanges

exhibitor roi

Post authored by Siobhan Connellan, Director, Exhibitor Services Operations at Experient

Many exhibitors find themselves in a quandary as they fine-tune and activate their trade show strategy.

Diminishing budgets, rising costs, logistics and travel complexities, managing staffing, and keeping up to speed on the latest compliance regulations are just a few challenges that are top of mind for exhibitors today.

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A Brilliant New Twist on Conference Bags

conference bags

At almost any event you attend, conference bags are sure to await your arrival. But have you ever been given one that you actually keep and use?

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3 Hottest Event Destinations in North America Right Now

event destination

We’ve carefully studied thousands of event bookings in North America to identify three red-hot event destinations on the rise.

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Event Trends to Watch from Michael Dominguez & Wisdom@Work: The VIP Lounge

event trends

This podcast episode starts off with a book recommendation. Then it’s on to emerging trends that tee up challenges to solve and opportunities to seize for event organizers.

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The Future of Experience Design: 2 Mins With David Peckinpaugh

experience design

Experience design isn’t just an industry buzz word. It’s not a “best practice” that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a culture-shifting, get-on-or-get-left-behind principle that has already transformed the meetings and events industry—and it’s just getting started.

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