So Why Go Green?

Post authored by Dana Norris, Marketing Account Executive at Experient

Dana Norris

Dana Norris, Marketing Account Executive

Let’s face it—everybody’s going green. Okay, maybe not everyone cares about being eco-friendly, and some uncreative folks still think going green costs too much and will blow out their budget. But slowly and surely, enlightened tradeshow, conference, and annual meeting organizers are recognizing the importance of sustainability in event planning and marketing. Organizations like The Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) promote best practices for event planners seeking to balance their clients’ environmental, economic, and social concerns within the context of the organization’s need to produce a well-organized event. So why go green? Here are several reasons why you should consider eco-friendly solutions for your events:

• Clients demand it. Events bring together a large amount of people and inevitably many of them will care about environmental and sustainability issues.

• Attendees who are passionate about being eco-friendly may expect the event planners to care about sustainability as well. Failure to assure them that the event takes being green seriously can cause hard feelings and negativity toward the event by environmentally-conscious visitors.

• Attendees who aren’t environmentally conscious aren’t likely to mind if you market the event as being “green.” It’s safer to go green and say so, than to fail to address sustainability issues and let it become known that you made no effort to make your event eco-friendly.

• Going green with your event helps to ensure the reuse and recycling of materials, avoids creating excessive waste, and can reduce your event’s carbon footprint. Many vendors can help you meet green standards, and GMIC and others offer advice and training materials for those desiring to host green events.

Tree• It’s cost effective. Because many of the promotional and organizational tools for sustainable event marketing utilize online, eco-friendly electronic marketing and social media tools to promote and publicize green events, the reduction in printed materials alone can reduce the costs of your meeting, fundraiser, workshop, tradeshow or conference.

If the thought of going green seems a bit intimidating, start out small and tackle the easy areas first. To help get you started, I’ll be writing another blog post on how to go green in your event marketing efforts in the near future. Stay tuned!

About Dana Norris, Marketing Account Executive

Dana Norris has worked for Experient Marketing Services since 2001 providing full-service event marketing, advertising and promotional programs for association, corporate, and government events across multiple industries. Her areas of expertise include strategic event marketing, planning and project fulfillment; persuasive copy writing, editing and development of attendance-building direct mail and email campaigns; event website development and support; integrated media relation campaigns, ad development and advertising list acquisition; and print production management and fulfillment. Dana was part of the creative team earning ASAE’s PRIMA Award for Best Marketing Campaign and multiple “Art of the Show” awards from IAEE.

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3 Responses to So Why Go Green?

  1. Every time you miss an opportunity to help people share you’ve missed an opportunity to help people form community:
    + Give introverts a chance to introduce your green policy at their lunch table.
    + Get people to carpool or share cabs and sometimes your national conference can create local chapters.
    + Going paperless means more up-to-date information from speakers.
    + Doing good work in the community is inspiring, and a great way to network.

    Green conferences (like the GMIC conference) are a whole lot more interesting and community-forming than when the feel is just business-as-usual.

  2. It’s really a nice and helpful piece of info. I am glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Brian says:

    Going green can save your company some Green as well! Susatainable events dont have to be more expensive, they can be a way to save money as well! Try it, you might like it….

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