How To Promote Your Event Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages

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Use LinkedIn to promote your next event

In a short amount of time, LinkedIn has become an invaluable social networking resource, while also being a great way to share industry-related content and updates about your organization. In November 2013, LinkedIn introduced Showcase Pages as an extension to the existing company pages. You should be using your company page as a hub for sharing your meaningful content.  If you hold multiple events throughout the year, you might want to consider using Showcase Pages as another way to promote your event, in addition to using the status update.

What are Showcase Pages?

Showcase Pages are specific pages that allow you to highlight the different aspects of your organization. Highlight those services that will build relationships and create engagement, or in this case, create a dedicated place for your followers to receive updates about your upcoming event or conference.

These pages are all about content, so with this dedicated page, it’s easy for your followers and attendees to get the latest updates on your event.  Some examples of this might include the completion of the event app, or the addition of a keynote speaker, etc.

When someone follows your Showcase Page that means that they are interested in receiving your update and the content you’re providing. Make sure to engage with your followers like you normally would on LinkedIn. Ask questions within a status post like, what are you looking forward to most at the event?

How To Create a Showcase Page

If you are the administrator of your company page, you can create the Showcase Page. In the upper-right hand corner, scroll over your edit button and click ‘Create a Showcase Page’ (click to see bigger image)

Use Showcase Pages as part of your event marketing strategy




Once you’ve clicked, you’ll be prompted to ‘Get Started’ where you can name your page and input the content regarding your event.

What To Include In Your Showcase Page

This page should contain all of the particulars about your event:

  • Name of the event
  • Dates of the event
  • Venue of the event
  • Cover photo featuring event venue and event hashtag

Once your page is created, post updates about your event like you normally would on your LinkedIn page. Now the Showcase Page can be a dedicated source for the event, instead of flooding your timeline with updates, especially when they are coming multiple times per day. It’s important to post content that can show how your event will provide value or solve any issues that your attendees might be experiencing. Always be helping.

Share your new page using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to gain new followers, while also letting your existing audience know of the new page. Showcase Pages are a great way to promote your event and engage your followers and attendees through the social space.

Has LinkedIn been successful for you in your event promotion? Comment and let us know.

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  1. jullian says:

    Social medias really plays an important role in promoting the events. Most events will be updated through any of these social media. Thus the result is unbelievable last week an event occurs in Ontario were that was done by some professional event planners. Truly it was amazing and I am looking forward to see these kind of events in future. I think your blog helps the event planners to promote their events.

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