4 Advantages to Holding a Digital Event

Post authored by Chip Smith,
Vice President, Government Markets at Experient

Technology has made it easy to connect with
others without even leaving your office. Digital Events can provide tremendous results
This now includes events. Why not give your attendees a taste of what your event is like by adding a virtual component to your meeting?

Face-to-face meetings create tremendous value and can be your organization’s biggest expense. Even though there are expenses with conducting a hybrid event, they can be offset through various means.

Here are some of the advantages of adding a digital component to your live event.

Budget Friendly Addition to Your Live Event

Hosting a face-to-face event is a great tool for your organization to engage with your followers and network with others. If you have a smaller budget, it could be stretched by adding a digital component to your live event, especially since several of the costs can be offset.

How? Costs can be covered by sponsorships, advertising and registration fees for participation. The costs that are often linked to additional attendees at in-person meetings, like additional meeting space or food & beverage costs are eliminated. In terms of costs associated with the digital event component, there are many variables to consider. Which technology provider will you be using? Will it be customized? How much of the content will be live? Who’s developing the content? How many expected attendees? These are a few of the many questions that need to be answered. The first step is to create an outline of your virtual event needs and formulate your budget.

Attendee Reach

Budgets aren’t just limited to the organization, but your expected attendees, as well. Your event attendee has to consider hotel accommodations and travel expenses, in addition to the registration fee. Once on-site, the attendee has to consider any other expenses that might pop up.

By adding a digital component, you offset those additional costs making attendance more appealing and feasible for those that can’t attend in person. Attending sessions becomes less stressful as you don’t have to worry about being shut out of a session. And don’t worry about the decision of choosing between two sessions that you want to attend. Those stresses are eliminated with the addition of a digital component.

For those that can’t attend a face-to-face event, adding a digital component is a great way to give a taste of what your organization has to offer and will leave them more enticed to attend a live event in the future.

Digital Customization

Your creativity and imagination are the only limits to planning and creating your digital event. It can be as complex or simple as you’d like it and can display your brand throughout the interface. The design can even mimic a convention hall or a large city to give the feel of being at the location of the live event.

Evergreen Content

Lastly, digital event content can be accessed on-demand. This means, the content can be accessed anytime, any day. Another advantage to the content is the fact that it can be repurposed. Content from learning sessions can be turned into blog posts, Slideshare presentations, short videos and other pieces of content that, in most instances, won’t expire. The events can stay open for new content which can potentially attract new users or attendees. You can also track what your users are downloading and tailor additional content to meet their needs.

Do you think you’re ready to add a virtual component to your live event?  Download our webinar on virtual events and let’s get the conversation started on getting your hybrid event deployed. Need more details now? Contact us at AskTheExperts@experient-inc.com.

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  1. Ankita says:

    Digital event generally increases the companys prospective towards social media

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