Part 1: The 5 W’s of Effective Event Marketing

Post Authored by Dana Norris,
Account Executive, Experient

Developing an effective marketing strategy begins by Experient provides tips for effective event marketing
defining the 5 W’s: The Who, Where, Why, What and When. A well-defined target audience is the first element in developing that strategy. Our five part series looks at each of these W’s, with the first being Who…

Experient Looks at the Who of Event Marketing




Consider Your Prospects

We all want to develop more effective marketing and turn our efforts into registrations. But in order to resonate with and get the right response from the right people, you need to first identify—then identify with—your target audience.

There are two main groups you should consider. Your primary targets will be those that you want to register for your event. Your secondary targets are the decision makers—those who decide whether or not your primary targets will be registering for your event. When creating your communications strategy, don’t forget about them! Consider their demographic profile—who they are, where they are, and things like age, gender and organizational affiliations. Then, look at their psychographic profile—what their organizational trends are, their patterns and behaviors, and what motivates them.

Challenge yourself to learn as much about them as you can. Analyze them. Look at things from their point of view. What are their needs and expectations? What are they discussing on social media? What other events are they attending? What are their “hot buttons” or frustrations, and how can your conference inspire them? Know your Unique Selling Proposition … that is, define what you have to offer and know how to differentiate yourself from the competition. By doing all of this, you will discover ways to establish a common ground and make an emotional connection with them.

Now that you’ve identified your target audience and know what appeals to them, you will find it much easier to tailor your marketing messages to them. We’ll talk more about which communication outlets will be the most effective in reaching your audience in my next segment … Stay tuned!

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