5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Activity in Your Mobile App

By Beth DeFrates, MSHTM, Manager, Product Group Do you know your recent event’s mobile download rate? This is one of the most important questions you should be able to answer prior to creating a download goal for next year’s mobile event guide. Knowing your download rate can effectively help in measuring your app usage year-over-year. Here are some tips and tricks we have used with our own mobile app, Engage®, to encourage downloads, mobile app activity, and of course, keep users Engaged! Different mobile apps will have different aims. For example, field service app users will be focused on how it can make the lives of technicians much easier in order to serve customers in the best way possible. Some apps are even changing the way we pay for everyday tasks. For example, an increasing number of laundromats are now accepting payments for their laundry services via apps such as ShinePay. You can learn more about ShinePay on their website here: https://shinepay.co/. 1. Make it easy Throughout the event cycle, users can spend a great deal of time moving from website to website. It is not uncommon for them to have trouble remembering countless usernames and passwords. Our advice: make it easy on them. Provide users with a Single Sign On (SSO) link to automatically log them into the mobile app. 2. Create a unified solution Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your data in one central location? Work with an integration solution provider to help make the app serve as a general repository for all of your app data. That way you don’t have to waste time wrangling all of your vendors to build your mobile app and have to perform mobile app performance testing for each build. 3. Consolidate resources Marketing is critical for your mobile app, but you don’t want to overwhelm your users with considerable amounts of communications. Think about the resources you already have to work with and the event materials that already exist and leverage them to promote your mobile app. 4. Personalize the process Your users have already completed their registration, signed up for their sessions and marked exhibitors they would like to see on the tradeshow floor. Why make them log in to your mobile app and do it all over again? Provide users with an integrated system so they can easily log in to your app with their registration credentials and have all of their information pre populate for them. This personalizes the process and alleviates that extra step of recreating work they have already done in registering for the event. 5. Get the word out It is important to create a marketing strategy in tandem with designing your app. If you want to achieve high usage and engagement, you need to get the word out early. It gives you plenty of time to educate users and for them to become more engaged prior to your event. Launching and marketing your app early gives attendees a chance to take a sneak peak at which of their peers are attending your event and ensures they are registered for all the sessions they plan to attend. Remember to communicate the benefits of using your mobile app and the key information that lives within the app. Host a contest or embed exclusive content displayed only within the app to drive usage. First time using a mobile app for your event? There are plenty of ways you can educate attendees on how to navigate through their first mobile event guide. You can host webinars, create instructional documentation, and even host onsite educational sessions. Interested in learning more about how we’ve designed our mobile app around these ideas? Click here to read “the rest of the story.”

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  1. Melissa Hopson says:

    Great article Beth!

  2. Chrisse says:

    The unified solution is a huge deal! I can’t imagine how painful it is for our clients to have to bring together all those different data sources. I know it’s a big time drain when they could be spending their precious time on other things.

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