The Effects of Globalization on Our Events

globalizationPost authored by Chip Smith, Vice President, Global Solutions

This past month I attended a graduation ceremony at the University of Virginia. I was wondering what the speaker, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at the World Bank Group, may possibly contribute to this group. As she was addressing the new Public Policy graduates, her message struck me on two fronts: how to achieve in the best interest of the collective good and her reminder to us of the effects of globalization. This quickly made me think of the changing dynamics within our event industry.

The World Bank’s mission is to end extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity. So she discussed how that is to be achieved—by establishing policy that is in the best interest of the public and for all parties to act with honesty, humility and dignity. She expressed that leaders are to show empathy, to not be afraid of reform and to work with a strong sense of purpose. She went on to state the greatest solutions will be found through being inclusive and transparent; that we need to be confident and build trust.

Isn’t this what our association work is about—the building of a community for the greater benefit of members and society as a whole? We must remain diligent in our transparency of process, have a consistent approach and use consultants around us to bring about change.

global-villageMs. Indrawati also spoke of the effects of globalization. With the speed of data and the flow of information, we are a global village with information at our fingertips at any time.

With the speed of data and the flow of information, we are a global village with information at our fingertips at any time.

This is leading to an expectation to have information delivered quickly to us especially by the Millennial generation. We all want to be prosperous and successful, so how do we remain relevant in the greater process? We know how easily information is quickly accepted or discarded due to the number of choices of opinions available.

Globalization has a profound impact on associations. At Experient, we regularly hear of board members asking about China, Brazil, South Africa and beyond and asking what the association’s pain is. I think we can all answer with the 1) the barriers of language, 2) saturated markets and 3) diminishing resources. If information is moving through our global village, should we not embrace on some level the outreach to each other and the sharing through our events of that knowledge?

I agree with Ms. Indrawati’s statements on working in the interest of the collective good and to be aware of the impact of globalization. After all, we are committed to inspiring people to achieve extraordinary business results.

Join us in subsequent posts where we will dive a little deeper into each of those areas described above. Meanwhile, I invite you to join this discussion and share your successes and trials below.


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