Event Insights from PRG: How Smart Event Technology Improves Attendee Experiences

Post authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist

Jim Kelley PRGProduction Resource Group (PRG) is a leading supplier of entertainment and event production technology solutions. They’re also a valued partner of Maritz Global Events (MGE) and Experient. We caught up with Jim Kelley, VP, Industry Relations to learn more about how smart event technology can be leveraged as a success catalyst in the context of event production.

Demand for event transformation has never been higher. Yes, the stakes are rising for event organizers, but technology is a powerful lever to speed up and improve your event transformation journey.

In his role at PRG, Jim Kelley engages in plenty of “what if” transformation discussions with clients, but he cautions event organizers to beware of chasing shiny objects.

“Often, event organizers will ask about the latest shiny new technology… Surprisingly, being a company that sells production technology, we often spend a lot of time talking our customers out of technology, at least initially and here’s why: technology doesn’t fix bad content. You need to make sure that the content you’re delivering is valued by your audience, and then, that the technology you’re deploying is appropriate.”

There’s a priceless gem in that quote that bears repeating: technology doesn’t fix bad content. If the content you’re creating isn’t valued by your audience and/or if the speakers delivering this content lack the skills to carry this message effectively, you need to fix that first.

As PRG begins each new assignment, they’ll study the entire event content landscape, but they’ll also examine adjacent experiential elements, such branding and messaging, the event theme, graphic development and speaker training.

Here’s more from Jim about how speakers can positively OR negatively impact the attendee experience and how the Triangle of Success sets the stage for smarter production technology deployment:

A Technology to Embrace: LED

LED is everywhere and it’s proving to be a huge experiential driver. Sometimes the use of LED is obvious to event guests. Other times, it’s subtle, but the impact is profound. Jim explains more about the promise of LED, especially for education sessions:

Having just stepped up our own use of LED at the Maritz Global Events e4 2016 annual conference in Las Vegas, we agree with Jim and we were thrilled to have PRG as a production partner in this endeavor. Here’s more about the specific ways LED was used to enhance the e4 attendee experience:

In what ways are you tapping LED or other production technologies to enhance the attendee experience? What hurdles are you encountering as you proceed with your own transformation plans?

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