Is Your Event Mobile App Wired for Tribalization?

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Marriott International partnered with the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) to study the future of meetings. With event disruptions multiplying, they gathered a team of experts to identify emerging trends, as well as actions event organizers could take to capitalize on these trends.

There’s one trend that’s ripe for event mobile app optimization.

Tribalization: Cultivate Kinships to Elevate Outcomes

As revealed in the Marriott/PCMA study, “today’s consumers are moving away from individualism and towards ‘tribal’ communities of likeminded, passionate individuals who can push each other to a higher level.”

It makes sense in light of today’s change-charged business environment. Providing event guests with more opportunities to gather with colleagues who are in similar roles tackling similar challenges has plenty of upside.

Why solve a challenge solo when you can tap the wisdom of a smart crowd who are a few steps ahead of you on this journey? They can point out the roadblocks and detours, and recommend a few capable solution providers you might explore.

This might explain why networking is eclipsing education as a valued benefit for many conferences. When networking is more purposeful (tribal), knowledge transfer and learning happens serendipitously.

Mobile Apps as a Tribal Catalyst

Face-to-face conversations are at the top of the tribal value pyramid, but how do these like-minded people find one another as they navigate through a sea of hundreds—maybe even thousands—of people? How can they arrange more impromptu meet-ups during your event? And how on earth will they remember all the breakthrough ideas and advice that was shared in these conversations once they’re back at the office?

Your event mobile app, that’s how.

event mobile appYour event guests are already quite adept at using apps to navigate nearly every other environment. With your mobile app on their smart device, they can do the same at your event … as long as your app has advanced connection and messaging capabilities that are easy to use and sync with their tribal cravings.

Recently, Experient created TeamStream, a feature within the Engage® mobile app that was specifically designed for the Sports & Enthusiast markets. At sports events, there are many instances when coaches need to communicate late-breaking updates to their teams or schedule a quick pep talk. Ditto for parents, spectators and a host of other “tribes” who congregate at sports events. With TeamStream, these exchanges happen in an instant.

Now, this same functionality is being extended to the conference and trade show communities, making the activity feed within the mobile app richer, with plenty of “juice” to help attendees, exhibitors and sponsors connect with their tribes at professional events.

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