Real-Time Attendee Behavioral Data is a Game Changer

behavioral dataTracking the behavioral data of attendees is not a new concept. It’s been an industry topic for quite some time.

However, bringing that idea into the next phase and actually giving planners the ability to make impactful decisions while the show is happening offers a world of possibilities and potential.

Show organizers make a lot of assumptions when trying to determine what will be attractive to attendees or which exhibits will get more traffic than others. Now, these assumptions can be either validated or disproven, replaced by hard data that can remove uncertainty and allow for more educated decision-making.

In speaking with some of his clients, Terence Donnelly, Vice President of Sales at Experient, has noticed several common themes surrounding the topic of tracking behavioral data and what new insights it can present.

Many show planners and event organizers are excited to see if:

  1. Behavioral Data Will Help Grow Exhibit and Sponsorship Revenues
  2. It Will Help Us Strengthen Relationships with Top Targeted Segments
  3. It Will Be a Major Tool to Convert More First-Timers into Loyal Followers

Recently, Terence was interviewed during a Tech Spot session at PCMA Convening Leaders in January 2017, breaking down how this technology has evolved in the industry over the last few years and how products, like eventBit, have given planners and organizers the ability to adapt to the wants of the attendees and become more profitable by doing so.

Real-Time Attendee Behavioral Data is a Game Changer

Interested in hearing more about this technology and what it offers?

Check out eventBit and see how tracking attendee behavior in real-time can transform your event.

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