The VIP Lounge: EDUCAUSE’s Thad Lurie Talks Event Data

For this episode of The VIP Lounge podcast, we caught up with Thad Lurie, Vice President of Operations and Chief Information Officer at EDUCAUSE.

We wanted to learn more about the exciting initiatives he’s spearheading to leverage data insights to know and serve his event stakeholders the experiences they crave most.

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association with a mission to advance higher education through the use of information technology. Thad’s scope of responsibility at EDUCAUSE sweeps wide, as he leads teams tackling marketing, communications, publishing, conferences and IT.

If taming your event’s “big data” monster is a goal for your organization, this chat with Thad is sure to spark lots of great ideas to explore.

You can listen below from your desktop or—for learning on-the-go—subscribe to this podcast via iTunes or Google Play and tune in anytime, anyplace.

Harnessing Data to Improve Your Event Business Outcome

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