Global Events Safety & Security: A Chat With Gregg Talley and Ben Goedegebuure

global events safety

Every day we hear about hostile and threatening situations taking place across the globe.

When considering all the violence we see on the news, we question how to ensure our events are safe for our guests.

As event planners, we know how important it is to be diligent in the areas of safety and security. But for global event planners, the issue is even more prominent. They are seeing their safety and security budgets increase and are more focused on resources that ensure their attendees are safe.

They are also craving more discussion within the events community regarding best practices for how to mitigate risks as much as possible.

In a candid interview, we asked  global events industry experts Gregg Talley, of Talley Management  Group, and Ben Goedegebuure, of Maritz Global Events,  to share insights and experiences regarding how planners are dealing with safety and security issues and where this conversation should be going as we develop effective plans for future global events.

Global Events Safety & Security: A Chat with Gregg Talley and Ben Goedegebuure

Check back next week as we continue our Global Events series with a discussion on political disruptors.

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