Global Events Part III: Groups Coming to the U.S.

Our focus for the first two parts of this series has been on associations taking their events overseas, but in part three, we’re shifting our gaze to groups who are bringing their events to the United States.

With a myriad of issues emerging, especially around travel and visas, in this video, Ben Goedegebuure, of Maritz Global Events, and Gregg Talley, of Talley Management Group, examine various factors to help determine if bringing your event to the United States is the right decision.

While business is done differently in the US, many international organizations appreciate the more straight-ahead accounting standards and higher degree of transparency around business transactions.

Global Events Part III: Groups Coming to the U.S.

Be sure to catch the first two installments of this chat between Ben and Gregg. These videos outline valuable insights to help you better navigate the global events landscape:

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