Experience Design Lab & Behavioral Data Supersized: The VIP Lounge

In Episode No. 4 of The VIP Lounge podcast, we tackle two of the hottest topics across the meetings and events industry right now: Experience design and behavioral data.

Experience Design

We caught up with experience design maestro Greg Bogue, from Maritz Global Events, to learn more about how he’s helping event organizers to be more purposeful in their approach to experience design.

With a strong methodology in place, the Experience Design Lab is an incredibly effective vehicle to ensure the experiences event organizers deliver are in lock step with the business objectives they’re striving to achieve.

Be sure to check out The 8 Phases of a Successful Event, a powerful framework that’s enhancing event innovation discussions.

Behavioral Data

Jeff Fugate, SVP at Experient, shares more about one of the largest deployments of wearables ever at a trade show and why capturing behavioral intelligence matters more today than ever before.

Jeff also walks us through the benefits of behavioral data—captured using eventBit—for each event stakeholder group.

Be sure to listen to the end, as he wraps up with an incredible and visionary idea that’s that will likely happen before the year is out.

Ep. 4: Experience Design Lab and Behavioral Data Supersized

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