Creative Thinking as an Event Experience Catalyst: The VIP Lounge

creative thinking

“Creative Thinking” is the theme running through episode five of The VIP Lounge, as we interview two creative dynamos: Jamie Murdock and Susan Robertson.

Jamie Murdock, VP Sales at Experient

Someone recently dubbed Jamie the “Hackmaster General,” as he’s been leading quite a few hackathons at industry events.

In our chat with Jamie, we explored hackathons as a vehicle for creative thinking. Later, we pivoted to another hot topic: Customer Service.

Jamie’s on a quest to better understand and measure exceptional customer service. More importantly, he’s striving to pinpoint specific areas where a customer service boost would be noticed and appreciated by customers.

Susan Robertson, Founder of Sharpen Innovation

Susan’s an innovation and change champion with an impressive list of clients, including Georgia Pacific, Kellogg’s, Bank of America, P&G, Marriott, and Chase. She also teaches about applied creative thinking at Harvard University.

During our chat, Susan shared more about cognitive bias and the set of mental shortcuts all humans subconsciously go through that impede creative thinking. Often, Susan will take teams through a series of exercises to help them become more aware of these biases, to remove them and boost creative output.

Ep. 5: Creative Thinking as an Event Experience Catalyst

creative thinking creative thinking



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