Savvy Event Sourcing and Sponsorships Built to Last: The VIP Lounge

Two vital topics in the industry landscape include event sourcing and sponsorship.

We kicked off this episode of The VIP Lounge podcast with a look at Simon Sinek’s best-selling book: Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

We also shared an excerpt from a talk Sinek delivered at TEDx Puget Sound, where he explored a powerful concept: The Golden Circle. After studying leaders and organizations who have had the greatest influence on the world Sinek discovered that they think, act and communicate in the same way.

Sourcing Mastery: Andy Smith, SVP, Experient Sales Network & Strategic Sourcing

Our chat with Andy started with eRFPs, which drive site research efficiencies, but fall short on the depth and breadth of insights needed in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

Andy introduced Spectrum, a dynamic analytics tool and methodology that takes a more rigorous approach to needs assessment, benchmarking and expense optimization, while yielding valuable benchmark intelligence in a matter of seconds. Intelligence you can leverage at the negotiations table to ensure best room rates, best meeting spaces, and best contract concessions.

We wrapped up our discussion with a look at housing strategies best poised to improve room block performance in today’s business environment.

CLICK HERE to see a sample of the report we discussed in this episode.

Event Sponsorship: Rick Jones, CEO at Fishbait Marketing

Event sponsorship is evolving and sponsors are more discerning about the event investments they make.

Rick shared important shifts event organizers must make to align with what matters most to today’s more discerning sponsors. It’s less about logo noise and more about helping sponsors connect and develop relationships with the event guests they’re striving to reach.

“What does the finish line look like?” That’s the first question Rick asks potential sponsors to understand their objectives and help them advance quickly. Rick also walked us through key takeaways for a session he led at Experient’s e4 conference: The Ecosystem Model: The Next Evolution of Event Sponsorship.

Savvy Event Sourcing and Sponsorships Built to Last



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