3 Essentials for Housing & Room Block Mastery (New eBook)

housing room block

Event professionals are no strangers to change, especially when it comes to housing & room block issues. It’s something we deal with regularly, as we strive to diffuse disruptive threats to keep our events on a more prosperous growth track.

Disruption often tees up both challenges to solve and opportunities to seize for our clients. As housing and room block management challenges intensified, we quickly recognized the need for new data insights that would pave the way for creating more capable and sustainable solutions.

Our team has been analyzing massive volumes of housing data from more than 3,000 events, occurring over an eight-year span of time (2009-2017) – from the smaller conferences with attendance in the hundreds to the gargantuan events with attendance at 100,000+.

After months of extensive research, we’re pleased to release this new eBook, 3 Essentials for Housing & Room Block Mastery, where we reveal three powerful insights to help you maximize room block performance, while mitigating attrition risk.

housing room block

The time to address this housing challenge is NOW, but it will require something more than a few minor adjustments. It’s time to explore divergent and radically different thinking.

There’s no simple answer or silver bullet – but for those willing to explore, test, measure, and perfect, the future is promising.

Are you ready?

PS: We value your feedback. As you review this eBook, please send your comments or questions to feedback@experient-inc.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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