Room Block Mastery and Event Marketing Tips: The VIP Lounge

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We kicked off this podcast episode on housing and event marketing with a closer look at busyness, as we shared a few highlights from this article by Harvard Business Review: Why Americans Are So Impressed by Busyness.

Room Block Mastery: Jeff Fugate, SVP Sales & Marketing & Aaron Dorsey, Director Project Management

Our chat with Jeff & Aaron focused on an extensive study recently conducted by Experient around housing and room block performance. In their new eBook, 3 Essentials for Housing & Room Block Mastery, they reveal a wealth of insights to help you maximize room block performance, improve your event financials, and dodge the dreaded attrition bullet.

Event Marketing to the Max: Nick Borelli, President at Borelli Strategies

If you get a chance to chat with Nick Borelli about event marketing, take it. He’s blazing new trails in this field, as he helps event organizers amplify their marketing reach and grow their crowd. Personas, tribes, and tapping influencers were just a few of the topics we explored with Nick. Check out these articles by him for even more marketing tips.

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Looking to improve room block performance?

Be sure to click the button below to download a copy of our latest eBook, 3 Essentials for Housing & Room Block Mastery.

event marketing

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