Is It Time for Your Event Data to Grow Up? [Free Self-Assessment]

event data

Post authored by Jeff Fugate, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

At this year’s e4, our annual client event, we exercised one of the four tenets of our event: experiment.

With so many industry leaders in one place, our intent was to use the collective brain power of the groups we met with to build a scorecard that would help our clients gauge where they excel and where they have opportunities to maximize the utilization of one of their most valuable assets: their data.

event data


The best way for me to summarize this experiment is through the words of Dave Grohl: we created “something from nothing.”

We concentrated on four major categories: attendee acquisition retention/marketing, attendee experience/engagement, exhibitor engagement/retention and general event performance.

Approximately 60 individuals participated in the creation of this tool. These contributors included customers from both small and large associations—with events across a broad size range, corporate customers, suppliers and a few Experient employees.

We had two 90-minute sessions where we expected to walk each group through an exercise that would give us the information we needed to build a scorecard. Then, when both groups completed the exercise, we would compare the results and build a scorecard that could help organizations assess for themselves where they fall on the data maturity scale.

However, like most experiments, it didn’t turn out exactly how we planned. About half way through the first session, we realized that the conversations and discussions were much deeper and richer than anticipated and the whole exercise was going to take longer than we thought.

No problem.

The second group simply picked up where the first left off, completing and testing the assessment tool.

What We Discovered

The results fell into a standard bell curve. Some scored very high in understanding and utilizing their data, while some were lower in their assessment. The majority of people and organizations doing the exercise landed somewhere in the middle.

The question everyone should be asking themselves is this: How mature is your organization with data utilization and how that data drives business insights and value?

With this experiment producing tremendous results—and learning from our two groups how to best map out this assessment—we created a “do it yourself” scorecard for anyone who needs to know where their organization lands on this data maturity scale.

Click on the link below so you, your peers and your management teams can self-assess your organization and use the results from the exercise to begin the necessary discussions.

Discover together where you believe you should best focus your investment and valuable time to push your organization to the next level. Built by such a wide variety of contributors, this collaboration is an easy-to-use tool to find exactly where you are on the spectrum of data maturity!

event data

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