Disruption, Design & Fostering High-Performing Event Teams -The VIP Lounge

In this episode of The VIP Lounge podcast, we’re exploring a kaleidoscope of topics, including digital disruption, experience design, and nurturing high-performing event teams who collaborate beautifully.

Mary Pat Heftman, EVP of Convention & Strategic Alliances, National Restaurant Association

We had an opportunity to catch up with one of our industry’s most respected thought leaders, Mary Pat Heftman, who shared more about how they’ve been fine-tuning their experience design strategy across NRA’s entire portfolio of events – including their signature event, NRA Show: The International Foodservice Marketplace.

Mary Pat also shares a few great tips to help event professionals advance in their careers.


A Closer Look at Radical Candor with Jackie Richards & Jamie Murdock

Radical Candor – it’s a best-selling book and a philosophy that’s embraced within management training programs at Maritz Global Events and Experient.

At its core, Radical Candor is a communications framework that helps to foster richer employee relationships through more open and candid communications.

Jackie Richards, VP of People and Development at Maritz Global Events, walks us through the Radical Candor 2×2 matrix, built on two key behaviors:

  1. Challenging Directly
  2. Caring Personally

Then, Jamie Murdock, VP of Sales at Experient, shares more about how this model is being used by his teams and why it matters in today’s business environment.

Disruption, Design & Fostering High-Performing Event Teams

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