Shield Your Event Brand & Participants from Discriminatory Legislation

discriminatory legislation

Post authored by Michael Guerriero, Division President at Experient—A Maritz Global Events Company.

How’s that for an intriguing headline?

When PCMA invited me to moderate a panel discussion carrying this title at Convening Leaders, one of the first words that came to mind was volatile.

If ever there was a topic with high volatility, this would be it.

We’re now living in an age where business circumstances can change in an instant, often moving in directions we’d never predict. On occasion, these sudden changes can intensify risks for our events.

I knew this would be an important topic to explore at Convening Leaders and I was honored to be invited to lead this discussion. With that said, I also recognized the need to establish a few ground rules going in—for both panelists and participants—to set the stage for a productive session.

First and foremost: It would be important that we all refrain from sharing any personal views we might have about a particular piece of legislation. Instead, the focus should be on existing or pending legislation and what steps we can take to mitigate risk and protect our organizations, events and guests.

Scanning the Discriminatory Legislation Landscape

When this session was first proposed, most of the discussion was around “bathroom bills” and the travel ban. As I probed further, additional legislation was called out by several people as having potential to negatively impact events – including the Sanctuary Bill, Religious Freedom Act, Stop-and-Frisk, and California’s travel ban for state-funded travel to states where discriminatory legislation around adoption exists (e.g., HB 3859).

With such high-profile and polarizing topics like these, it’s important that we are constantly monitoring legislation that could impact our events.

discriminatory legislationMeet Our All-Star Panel

When you’re tackling an issue like this, you need a strong and capable panel and that’s exactly where we landed, with insights being shared from three very different vantage points.

Our panelists include:

If you’re attending PCMA’s Convening Leaders ’18, we hope you’ll join us for this session (Tuesday, Jan. 9 from 1:45 – 3 p.m.) and share your stories.

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