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Post authored by Justin Mizel, Account Manager, Experient Live Events

I am so fortunate to be a part of the Live Events team at Experient. We are a team that embodies innovation and a passion for finding strategic solutions to events of all kinds. Most recently working with one of the most explosive and exciting industries – I am talking about the world of esports.

Working with Experient, I’ve seen some pretty amazing ideas get implemented on a regular basis. But occasionally, a particularly inspired idea comes to fruition. You know; the kind of idea you just must share with anyone who will listen or who might care. Here’s one of those ideas that I must share.

Next month we are launching a new event called Immersion where we have partnered with the New Orleans CVB to host an exclusive, by-invitation-only gathering of the minds.

Esports industry leaders are coming together to talk about the importance of implementing experience design strategies when planning an event.  And while attendance at this event is limited, I do want you all to know why we are doing this and how it can benefit you moving forward.

live events

Experient has made incredible strides in understanding how neuroscience can be applied to event planning to create extraordinary experiences for attendees as well as growth and success for the organizer. We not only preach but we practice experience design every day. And it’s these experience design principles which led us to developing our inaugural esports Immersion.

We have incorporated our firsthand knowledge of experience design’s practical value into the programming. These entrepreneurs will be exposed to a variety of learning environments and live teachings that they can translate into their development strategies. We will also be attending three other extraordinary events: Collision, Game Fete and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. These three events represent some of the fundamental pillars of the esports business: technology, gaming and festivals.

We are calling this event Immersion because we will be immersed for three days in this subject as well as in the culture and hospitality of New Orleans, a truly one-of-a-kind destination. One with a rich and tremendous legacy for hosting some of the world’s largest events. I’m so excited about it because I know our live events community is going to benefit greatly from the coming together of all these minds.

live events

We will be discussing some of the most critical aspects of how neuroscience can be understood and provide practical steps on how best to incorporate experience design into events.  The subjects we will be tackling include:

  1. The Study of Personas

    People are like snowflakes, right? We are all unique and not everyone is motivated the same way. How do we talk to each of our attendees so they feel they are being personally addressed? What can we do to understand who our attendees are and how we can motivate them and engage them in the best way possible? How do we identify the various “persona’s” that will be attending our events?

  2. Data Insights and Social Listening

    The information we gather at our events is so important to understanding why people do what they do. There is so much great information we can glean from our data collection if we understand how to analyze the information we are gathering. We are going to do a deep dive into how we can make data analytics work for us in creating exceptional event experiences for attendees and how we can use that knowledge to fine tune the creation of the events. Social listening is a huge part of this conversation. What is social listening, how can we do it better? How do we use it?

  3. The Loyalty Pyramid

    When the goal is creating meaningful experiences for our attendees, using the right tools to determine our strategies is critical. Are most people choosing our events over countless others because they treasure the wealth of meaningful experiences we’re providing? Are they coming because we provide remarkable experiences that help them learn, grow, imagine, and explore – all while engaging in fascinating conversations with others who can help them?  The loyalty pyramid is a tool that helps us map out more meaningful experiences for people who are promoting and attending our events.

live events

It really is amazing how coming together can enhance how we share knowledge within our community. We are fortunate enough to have the New Orleans CVB and the Hyatt Regency going above and beyond to create a space where incubating brilliant ideas is possible. I make no apologies for giving these guys a shout out for their efforts as they have been amazing to work with. And working with this team of industry leaders to create an event that will ultimately give all of us the knowledge we need to create amazing experiences for our attendees is an incredibly rewarding opportunity for our entire live events community.

Once the event happens, I’ll be sharing as much of the information as I possibly can with you here. The reason we are doing this is to bring together great minds in our industry and create great ideas and ways to implement them. If you want to participate in one of these brain trusts in the future, reach out to me so we can talk about how to make that happen next time. Brilliant minds can’t think alike unless they are acquainted right?

Interested in this new movement and want to get on board? Shoot me an email:

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4 Responses to Immersion: The Perfect Sandbox for Live Events

  1. Lisa Maines says:

    I look forward to hearing more what you learn after the launch. This is an area that I think we can definitely tap into more as we work with new clients especially in the festivals and live event space.

    • Mitch Cooper says:

      It’s definitely growing rapidly and presents some amazing opportunities. Stay tuned as there will definitely be more to come!

  2. Peter Perez says:

    It really is a movement. And the momentum is showing no sign of losing steam. Loads of talented people are out there, right now, creating meaningful experiences through the world of gamification. It’s about enabling our audience to tell their own story with our products.
    Gaming as a lifestyle means we are enabling a world that finds success by helping one another find their passion. Find their game.

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