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Experience design is the theme running across this entire podcast episode, which features two experience design superheroes who share a wealth of priceless insights with us.

experience designSUPERHERO #1

Dan Sundt, Maritz Global Events Design Studio

We caught up with Dan at Experient’s EnVision conference in Detroit and in this podcast, we share a few excerpts from that exchange, including:

  • The importance of understanding goals and objectives for the event first, before proceeding with experience design decisions.
  • How an Organizing Principle can be used to help shape and refine the participant’s event journey.
  • The 8 Phases of a Successful Event and how it serves as a framework for design decisions across the entire guest journey.
  • The Experience Design Lab – Who should be involved? When might be the best time to schedule a design lab?

experience designSUPERHERO #2

Tonya Almond, VP of Knowledge & Experience Design at PCMA

With more than 22 years of experience in the events industry, Tonya recently accepted this new role at PCMA. In this interview, we explored several topics, including:

  • Tonya’s “Superhero Creator” headline on her LinkedIn Profile and how Judi Holler inspired this swagger statement.
  • A sneak peek at the incredible experiences to be savored at the PCMA Education Conference in Cleveland, June 10-13. Click here for details and to register.
  • A look ahead at Convening Leaders 2019 in Pittsburgh and how an experience design lab with Greg Bogue sparked a flurry of great ideas to incorporate for this signature event.

Ep. 15: Event Experience Design Superheroes

experience designexperience design

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