Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Event Sourcing

event sourcing

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Content Development Manager

What is sourcing? Should event planners do their own sourcing? What is the benefit of someone else doing your sourcing? What is next for sourcing? What is important about terms and conditions? How does the sharing economy play into sourcing?

Let’s face it… there are a lot of questions we have around the best way to handle sourcing when organizing an event.

Andy Smith is Experient’s resident sourcing expert and the sourcing champion for clients. He makes sure his clients  can negotiate the best opportunities and the best deals for their events. If you are lucky enough to spend just a few minutes with him, you are practically guaranteed to walk away with more sourcing knowledge than you had before.

At EnVision 2018, I happened to have a video crew following me around and—by complete coincidence—I happened to run into Andy Smith. (OK, I was sort of stalking him.) But seriously, so many people have told me about his wisdom, he’s practically a legend. I just had to get him on camera, so I could share this with as many people as possible.

In this short video, Andy answers eight of our most burning event sourcing questions. Inside these few minutes you will hear decades of experience transformed into priceless tips, observations and knowledge.

So, grab a beverage or kick your feet up for few minutes and let the genius of Andy Smith sink into your psyche. I promise, when you are done, you will understand sourcing in a whole new way.

Thirsty for even more sourcing knowledge? Watch this full-length interview with Andy.

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