Hackathon Design Playbook: Tapping the Wisdom of Your Event Crowd


Gather four teams of smart people in a space wired for creative thinking. Put a complex challenge before them, with helpful tools for their problem-solving journey plus a chance to compete for a cool prize. Then step back and watch the amazing solutions they create.

Last weekend at PCMA’s Education Conference in Cleveland, Jamie Murdock and Donna Kastner teamed up to host Hackathons Deconstructed, a workshop where 20 event professionals explored this hackathon innovation model first-hand.

The workshop spanned two days, culminating with five-minute team pitches to a panel of judges. While all four teams pitched powerful solutions focused on enhancing event learning experience design, only one would be crowned the winner – with $500 awarded to each member of the winning team.

We’re pleased to share a guide assembled by Jamie and Donna, to help you determine if/how you might host such an event: Hackathon Design Playbook: Gathering Brilliant Minds to Reveal Breakthrough Ideas.


Intrigued? Click here to schedule a call to learn more.

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