Why Project Management is More Important Than You Think

project management

Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees. We forget how incredible we are as a whole because we are so steeped in the weeds of our everyday existence.

Keeping a plethora of tasks moving at the right pace, in the right order, while simultaneously producing an event, is one of the most challenging aspects of planning. The need for efficient methodologies is critical to the success of managing any project, especially a project like planning a major event. Planning can be chaotic but it can also be fun, you may need an extra helping hand when it comes to project management and some project management software will be useful to help you complete your project to the highest of standards!

Experts in the field of project management understand the major and minor issues associated with planning and organizing a successful event. They would also make sure to look up the most used project management tools to see what could help them with upcoming events.

During one of Experient’s educational conferences, we had the chance to interview Chrisse New, Experient’s Vice President of Project Management.

This is a rare opportunity to hear directly from the source how strong and efficient project management methodologies can make the difference in your event being just good versus being a rewarding experience for your attendees.

Sit back and take a few minutes to drink in the insights Chrisse offers in this rare interview.

Looking for even more project-management lessons from Chrisse?

Check out our full interview.

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