Smart Speaker Tip Series Plus a Conversation with Futurist Mike Walsh – The VIP Lounge

This edition of the VIP Lounge dives into a brilliant way to prep your event speakers–while also educating your attendees–and an interesting chat with a futurist.

Using Exclusive Content to Create an Inclusive Audience

This podcast episode starts with a smart idea from Content Marketing World (CMW).

We showcased a six-part CMW video series, designed to help the 225 speakers who were selected to lead sessions at their conference improve their presentations. This series was hosted by Tamsen Webster, with a new video going out each month.

The speaker tips were stellar, but CMW went bigger with this series. Rather than sharing these through a speaker portal, they published these in a more public way for everyone to enjoy. Click here to see their full speaker video playlist on YouTube.

The big takeaway? Why feed 225 speakers, when you can delight thousands and promote your event in the process.  Well done, Content Marketing World!

Gazing into the Future of Events with Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh is a futurist, a global nomad, and a much sought-after keynote speaker. He’s a 21st century business designer who advises leaders on how to thrive in the current era of disruptive technological change.

During this interview, Walsh weighed in on quite a few tech considerations for event organizers, including:

  • Why data will be our strongest competitive edge
  • Observations about events that are ahead of the curve on technology and data
  • AI, algorithms, automation, machine learning – What new capabilities should leaders concentrate on honing to keep up with accelerating technologies?
  • Two technologies that are a bad idea for events (Hint: One starts with an “H”)
  • A recruiting tip from Reed Hastings, CEO at Netflix, that reveals why they’re winning the war for talent. “He looks for people who can make good judgments in ambiguous situations.”

Want more insights from Mike Walsh? Check out his podcast: Between Worlds. “From a courtyard café in Paris, to a busy sidewalk in Tokyo – each week futurist and global nomad, Mike Walsh, will share his personal conversations with some of the most fascinating people on the planet.”

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