The Future of Experience Design: 2 Mins With David Peckinpaugh

experience design

Experience design isn’t just an industry buzz word. It’s not a “best practice” that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s a culture-shifting, get-on-or-get-left-behind principle that has already transformed the meetings and events industry—and it’s just getting started.

Maritz Global Events recently published an in-depth interview with its president, David Peckinpaugh, where he breaks down how design is fundamental to what we do in our industry and how the role of event strategist could evolve over time.

Below we’ve created a quick highlight reel of his interview, but we encourage you to watch the full video as he provides incredible insights on a variety of important topics.

2 Minutes With David Peckinpaugh

Still want more? We thought you might. Click below to see the full interview from Maritz Global Events. 

experience design

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2 Responses to The Future of Experience Design: 2 Mins With David Peckinpaugh

  1. Joey says:

    Very in depth talk about Future of Experience Design. Is very beneficial for me to look in my event management business seriously and change according to the trend.

    • Mitch Cooper says:

      We’re glad to hear you found this helpful, Joey. Our industry changes so quickly, so making sure you’re staying ahead of the curve is vital to future success.

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