Event Trends to Watch from Michael Dominguez & Wisdom@Work: The VIP Lounge

event trends

This podcast episode starts off with a book recommendation. Then it’s on to emerging trends that tee up challenges to solve and opportunities to seize for event organizers.

Wisdom@Work: The Making of a Modern Elderevent trends

Chip Conley’s latest bestseller explores a segment poised to deliver meaningful value for events – Modern Elders. For many, this elder stage begins after crossing the age 50 milestone and could last three decades. Longevity advances—coupled with a growing talent gap—has prompted many modern elders to explore encore careers, where they strike a perfect blend of work and leisure activities.

In our zeal to connect with younger generations, could we be ignoring a segment that could deliver more “know-how” and more “know-who” for events?

event trendsEvent Trends Wisdom from Michael Dominguez

If you’re a big fan of industry events, chances are high that you’ve enjoyed a Michael Dominguez keynote presentation. Mike’s adept at helping us all to connect the dots, as he reveals event trends and economic trends that will impact our industry in the future.

In this chat, we moved through several hot topics, including technology, keeping up with the speed of change, and leveraging data to design more relevant event experiences. We also dig into hotel booking trends and why more transparency is needed on both sides.

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