A Brilliant New Twist on Conference Bags

conference bags

At almost any event you attend, conference bags are sure to await your arrival. But have you ever been given one that you actually keep and use?

No doubt, many of you have plenty of bags from past conferences stashed away in a closet.

Sure, there’s some utility to these totes for the few days while you’re navigating the event, but they’re not exactly something you’d cherish and sport again, right?

But at Maritz Global Events’ e4 2018 in Anaheim, the conference bag received an extreme makeover and quickly became one of the most talked about giveaways at the conference. Even better, they served as a connection catalyst, teeing up all kinds of priceless conversations.

Check out this video to see this nifty conference bag in action.

Want to learn more about where to order these? Check out The Shop Forward’s website to design your own.

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