Reinvention: Tearing Your Event Down and Rebuilding it Better [Podcast]

event reinvention

In this edition of The VIP Lounge podcast, the focus is on event reinvention and how getting back to the basics can make all the difference.



It’s a lofty goal that’s top-of-mind for many organizations these days, including the National Association of Campus Activities (NACA).

Established in 1960, NACA helps boost buying power for campus programming dollars, connecting nearly a thousand colleges and universities with 600+ associate members who represent artists, lecturers, and performers.

event reinvention

Maureen Taylor

event reinvention

Toby Cummings

We caught up with two change champions at NACA:

  • Toby Cummings, Executive Director
  • Maureen Taylor, Director of Member Development and Services

to learn more about how their experience with Maritz Global Events’ Design Lab served as a catalyst for their event reinvention initiative.

Is event reinvention on your radar screen for 2019?

Click here to tell us more and let’s explore how you can revitalize your event for an even more successful future.

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