The Most Valuable Events Know What Guests Want

valuable events

It might sound like a basic concept, but sometimes the simple answer is the best one: the most valuable events are the ones that know who their attendees are and what they want  most.

Too often events try to tell guests what they should do or—even worse—what they should want.

When event designers and strategists start going down that road, it’s a painful reminder that they don’t really know their audience. More importantly, they don’t realize their “why.”

Even for those who may have lost their focus, don’t fret quite yet; there are still ways to find your way through.

As Jeff Fugate, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, explains, there are ways to understand your attendees better, whether it’s by asking them what they want, or letting them show you themselves by what they do.

Fugate discusses this and how it could affect the industry’s future in a recent interview.

Want even more insight? Watch the full-length interview.

Valuable Events Understand the “WHY”

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