Event Technology That Helps You Understand Guests Like Never Before

event technology

Designing a better attendee experience is critical to the health of your show and with the latest innovations in event technology, the process is much simpler.

For so long, meetings, events and trade shows have been built around what guests tell organizers they want via survey, registration questions and more.

But what they say they want and what they actually do at an event can look drastically different.

This is why beacon technology like eventBit™ can be a powerful tool for organizers: it literally shows them what people are doing, anywhere on the show floor, and helps them understand how they are consuming the event.

Michael Godsey, Senior Vice President of Market Development for Experient, talks about how the latest event technology is providing organizations data-driven insights to help them create better events.

Understanding Attendee Behavior Has Become Even Easier

Watch our full interview with Michael Godsey for even more insights into the latest event technology.

Curious to see how eventBit™ could transform your show? Click the link to see how it can help you know absolutely everything.

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