Top Event Moments of 2018 & Predictions for 2019

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As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, we thought it might be fun to share thoughts from the Experient team – as they look back at favorite event moments in 2018 and look ahead at predictions for 2019.

Favorite Moment from 2018?

The MGM 2018 event was amazing – the level of consideration, thoughtfulness and overall fun the planning team put into that event is something I’ll remember.

They did everything they could to make their event guests feel special. I still wear my MGM jacket all the time!

Prediction for 2019?

I see big advances happening on measuring loyalty and predicting who will return the following year.

Behavioral data will also be helpful to win back those event guests who may show signs of not returning. Reinvention efforts will continue, too, as events strive to stay relevant.

Favorite Moment from 2018?

Attending the ESN Encounter ‘18 meeting in Palm Springs. What an amazing destination and the education content was outstanding.

It’s such a privilege to attend these events because it’s a chance to meet others on the Experient team who I don’t normally see in my day-to-day world; others who make a huge difference for our clients.

Prediction for 2019?

I’ve noticed one trend… it’s taking longer for event organizers to make decisions. That’s understandable, given all the changes happening in our industry, but I suspect these delays may continue in 2019.

To help counter this, we’re gathering even more data to help our clients confidently make crucial event decisions a bit sooner.

Favorite Moment from 2018?

The American Academy of PA’s [Physician Assistants] has always been known for designing outstanding conferences, but for AAPA ’18 in New Orleans, at their Challenge Bowl, engagement levels were at their highest.

I loved seeing all the team spirit, as participants dressed up and brought their competitive spirit to the event – so much fun!

Prediction for 2019?

I think events will continue to add more fun elements to the event journey to help their guests network and learn simultaneously.

Favorite Moment from 2018?

The hackathon, facilitated by Jamie Murdock at our Encounter meeting was incredible. It was fun having smaller teams explore ideas and solutions together. Having a deadline for delivering pitches also adds a sense of urgency to this hacking.

While the solutions may not have been fully fleshed out, there were some great innovations pitched.

Prediction for 2019?

I think we’ll see more use of technology to create social experiences.

Favorite Moment from 2018?

My favorite moment involves the Master Designers in Training (MIT) program, which kicked off with a meeting in Austin several months ago. While the course content and activities are incredible, the opportunity to share this learning journey with others at Maritz Travel and Experient has been just as rewarding.

Since the Austin kick-off meeting, we’ve had regular Mini-Tribe calls (groups of four), as we continue to work through MIT assignments.  On a recent call, one MIT designer encouraged another to consider going after a promotion and gave reasons why this person would be a great fit for this expanded role. I was so impressed by the affirmation and support they gave one another – and I told them so.

Prediction for 2019?

I think Virtual Reality (VR) will continue to improve and will soon advance to mainstream use. VR is meeting people a bit closer to what they’re familiar with – less fantasy, more practical application.

For example, I envision exhibitors being able to immerse prospects in a VR demo that takes them beyond the booth conversation, with hands-on application of the exhibitor’s products or services.

What were your favorite meeting and event moments of 2018? Is there something big on your industry radar in 2019? Start the conversation in the comments below.

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