NEVER Publish Your Registration and Housing Sites and Run [Podcast]

registration and housing sites

In this edition of the VIP Lounge Podcast, we discuss the pitfalls of simply launching your registration and housing sites without applying experience design principles.

While it can be easy to create your event’s registration and housing sites and move on, it’s important to spend more time on these gateways to your event.

It can be beneficial to apply experience design principles to these sites in real-time. In fact, if done well, it could pay dividends in the end.

registration and housing sites

To further explain the importance of these sites and how you can make them even better, we chatted with Experient’s:

Aaron Dorsey, PMP
Senior Director, Strategic Client Technology

Chrisse New, PMP
Vice President, Project Management

Throughout the podcast, we discuss the upcoming webinar “Your Registration and Housing Website is Live… Now What!?”

In this free webinar, Aaron Dorsey and Jamie Murdock, Vice President, Sales, will educate you on all the aspects of the Behavioral Science Toolkit and how it can help improve your registration and housing efforts.

Be sure to click the link below to register for this event and see how experience design can fuel your most overlooked assets.

registration and housing sites

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