Experience Design and the Importance of Drinking Your ‘Own Champagne’

Talking about how experience design transforms events is one thing. Actually applying those principles to your own event is even more challenging, but also more rewarding.

Let’s face it: the term experience design is thrown around a lot.

And not just within meeting and event circles; it’s a methodology adopted by other industries around the world.

With so many people and organizations claiming to be experience design “professionals,”  it can be challenging to separate who is worth your time and who’s just blowing smoke.

So who can you trust?

It’s simple: find the organization that lives it. Find someone who really does practice what they preach.

Experience design isn’t a buzz word, it’s a top-to-bottom infusion into company culture. Those who do it well continually evolve their methodologies, practices and processes.

Jeff Fugate, Experient’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, recently shared his experiences from an event that applied these principles inward.

He witnessed firsthand how a meeting can be transformed into something new, different and even more valuable than ever before.

Listen in as Jeff discusses the importance of experience design and what principles you can use to revitalize your events.

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