4 Tips for Generating Event Revenue Using Social Media

generating event revenue

Post authored by Emily Richmond

Your social media presence can be your best friend when it comes to marketing your event and generating event revenue.

Whether it’s promoting your registration and housing websites or educational sessions, social media can attract your audience and ultimately increase your bottom line.

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Here are four ways you can boost your revenue and convert more followers into attendees.

Friend of a Follower

Consistently growing your audience on social media can be challenging.

You can, however, use this to your advantage: as you gain more of a following on your platforms, you can focus on attracting more attendees to your event.

The perfect place to start is with your existing target audience. According Neil Patel, a contributor at Forbes, “your target market is going to be hanging out, virtually or socially, with people who are in the same situation they are.”

Depending on how well you understand your audience’s behaviors, you can create your posts around what your followers will want to share with their friends. Having your own site so you can track your metrics helps a lot with this. A stable service like hostiserver.com can handle an influx from social media, and give the curious audience a few more answers. It can also help them find your other media fronts.

Developing a social media strategy to reach your target audience’s friends can help make building your overall audience easier.

generating event revenue

Generating Event Revenue by Sharing the Love

Though your target audiences have similar content cravings, they may prefer to access them through different social platforms.

Some of your audience may prefer Twitter because it’s quick and the link to register for your event is easily accessible, whereas others might want to find all the information they need on Instagram stories by “swiping up” on links.

According to a recent post by QuickSprout, “promoting your channels on your other channels can increase your click-through rates by 150%.”

Cross promotion can drive your audience to your other social platforms which may not be feeling as much of the love.

This could result in more engagement that generates more leads to your event.

The audience that was strictly using Twitter may realize that they enjoy the content on your Facebook page or never realized you had an incredible Instagram account.

generating event revenue

Retweeting Isn’t Going to Cut It

Are you making it clear to your followers just how much they can benefit from going to your event?

Unfortunately, posting the link for them to register isn’t going to cut it.

Simply sending out tweets or Facebook updates and gathering followers, likes and RTs isn’t going to be enough, according to a recent article from Huffington Post.

Instead, try using ALL the tools that social media has to offer. If you’re wanting to increase the number of followers you can engage with over Twitter, you’ll also want to look into social media growth tools available such as Tweeteev and others. Increasing the number of followers that are interested in what you have to offer, can then generate bigger event audiences!

There are so many cool features you can have fun with, especially live video.

Your followers have lots of questions. Like most consumers, they want them answered before they buy a product or service. That’s where most social media platforms can come in. Instagram is one of the applications leading the way in business marketing. Companies are able to directly engage with their customers through making use of an instagram messenger that will allow the business to access these messages on a PC or Mac. This means that businesses will be able to answer customer questions during office hours on computers. Make sure to respond to all questions, as customers won’t purchase until they’re confident in the business and products.

The best thing about live video is that you can engage with your audience and answer their burning questions on the spot.

Engagement is extremely important for generating revenue. Before adding your event to their always-tightening budget, your audience wants to know they are taken care with the best customer service. Having your own site to lead them to can give answers that social media may not provide or make it easier for you to manage the questions.

generating event revenue

Investing in Ads is the Icing on the Cake

It’s still important to organically grow your audience.

However, depending on the demographics and the platform your target audience tends to use, it may be wise to start investing in social media advertisements to promote your event.

According to HubSpot, “over 80% of the U.S. population uses social media, but since social networks are all trying to monetize their audiences as much as possible, organic reach is at an all-time low.”

Social media ads are the quickest way to reach more than just your target audience.

The more people you reach, the better chance you have to gain prospective attendees interested in your event.

Test each platform to see which ads work the best and where. Although advertisements can take some time to figure out the right formula, the results are worth it.

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Emily Richmond is the Social Media Marketing Specialist for Experient. She developed her passion for the event industry during her internship with Experient three years ago. Since then she has learned the industry’s many different facets, driving her to engage with event professionals around the globe while sharing the latest innovations the events industry has to offer.

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