How To ‘Ignite’ Future Leaders Through Mentorship

mentorshipIdentifying the best and brightest young talent to lead your organization forward is challenging. That’s why mentorship opportunities are so important.

Through the right program, organizations can spot the employees with the greatest leadership potential and build into them over the course of several years.

Programs like Maritz‘ Ignite see the value of investing in the growth of future leaders.

Through Ignite, newer employees are selected and paired up with veteran leaders across all Maritz brands to guide them through their career journey.

In this three-year program, mentees spend 80 to 100 hours each year working on professional development courses and exercises that will help groom them to be future leaders in the company.


These areas of focus include self (knowing their strengths and growth areas), team leadership (overseeing small groups) and organizational leadership (overseeing groups to solve cross-functional, cross-business problems).

We talked with a mentor-mentee team to find out more about this program and how it is helping develop leadership skills in up-and-coming employees.

Chrisse New, Vice President of Project Management for Experient, and Sarah Ramrup, Product Manager of Data at Maritz Motivations, discuss how the Ignite program works, why they got involved and how their relationship has developed through their first year.

Here are some key takeaways to pay attention to:

  • Acknowledging and investing in the growth of future leaders is vital to organizational health
  • With such a talent gap, when you find the right talent, it’s important to nurture them along
  • Recognizes talent and helps build morale among team members

Coming up next: In Part II, we’ll go in-depth on the mentor-mentee relationship and how both can learn from each other.

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