Hacks for Growing Your Event Attendance [Podcast]

growing your event attendance

You’d be surprised how many event strategists aren’t using the basics to prepare each year. Are you doing what is necessary to ensure you’re growing your event attendance.

Nick Borelli, President of Borelli Strategies, and Rachel Stephan, Senior Event Marketing Strategist at sensov/ event marketing, recently joined the VIP Lounge to discuss the ways event strategists can help increase attendance.

Back to Basics

Too many event strategists take their events for granted, failing to understand each year, “Why does this event need to happen?” and defining their organizing principle.

The the event space filling up more and more, it’s the organizations who truly understand their mission and audience that will continue to grow.

Cohesive Plan

Event strategists need to work in lockstep with their marketing counterparts to help develop a cohesive strategy:

  • How are you diversifying your marketing efforts? (email, social, etc.)
  • What are attendees saying?
  • How are you measuring the outcomes?
  • What new marketing efforts are being utilized?

What strategies are YOU utilizing to start growing your event attendance?

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