Getting the Most Out of Mentorship

mentorshipThe concept of mentorship sounds great to many, but creating a program that builds a strong relationship between the mentor and mentee is vital.

In Part I of our mentorship series, we looked at Maritz‘ IGNITE program, where newer employees are selected and paired up with veteran leaders across all Maritz brands to guide them through their career journey.

Setting up an initiative is only half the battle, however.

A mentorship program’s success can only be defined by the quality of the relationships it builds.


We continue our conversation with a mentor-mentee team to find out more about this program and how they have grown closer through it.

Chrisse NewVice President of Project Management for Experient, and Sarah Ramrup, Product Manager of Data at Maritz Motivations, discuss how they approach mentorship and how their relationship continues to develop through the process.

Here are some key takeaways to pay attention to:

  • Bringing people together from different departments and roles can help both people understand more about their company and industry
  • Both parties need to be committed to the schedule
  • The ability to be honest and vulnerable can improve the process greatly

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