Event Risk Mitigation: Your Path To Becoming an Event Planning Hero

event risk mitigationPost authored by Sarah Hill, Content Writer at Seven Events, Ltd.

As any experienced event management agency will tell you, the safety and comfort of your guests needs to be a top priority at all times.

And yet, in the midst of planning the thousands of details that make up an event, a few corporate event companies can sometimes forget to mitigate the most pressing risks and end up putting their event success, or even their guests, in jeopardy.

But how can you protect your event from risks?

While it’s not possible to prepare for every scenario that could happen, you can significantly reduce the risks by preparing for the most important aspects and making sure that you’re covering as many bases as possible. When planning a big corporate event, you won’t be able to oversee every detail of your event, unfortunately. It’s important to have a good team around you who will be able to help you out, make sure you utilize people’s skillsets and put them in their best area. Alternatively, why not have a look at some companies who excel in producing an event like this. The more help you receive, usually the more successful your event will be.

In this article, we’ll explore the most important areas of event risk mitigation that you should focus on.

event risk mitigation

Food Safety

While there are a few “nightmare scenarios” you need to avoid at all cost, near the top of the list is food becoming unsafe to consume for your guests.

You need to maintain the highest food quality standards and ensure that all products are fresh because if your guests start falling ill, there will be no turning back and your reputation can be ruined.

Additionally, you need to think about what guests are going to drink. Could they be contaminated in any way? Perhaps getting Custom Water bottles made with personalized labels could eliminate any contamination and it would be a little extra event promotion too.

Guest Illness and Injuries

Another aspect of risk mitigation you must consider is the health of your guests.

As the host, you must take proactive steps in ensuring that your guests don’t suffer injuries or come down with illnesses during your event, as that can also result in a blow to your company and your reputation.

Follow the best practices for the safety and security of your event and instill protocols for how you would handle unexpected circumstances.

event risk mitigation

Natural Disasters and Severe Weather

You can’t prepare for everything, and no matter how much you try, you can’t predict unexpected weather changes that can make your primary plans unfeasible.

However, you can, as an event management agency, plan for the worst while hoping for the best.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan if your event schedule or activities should be modified because of natural disasters or severe weather. It’s also important to have an emergency preparedness kit on hand to ensure that during a natural disaster, safety is on hand.

Public Safety & Security

If you’re going to achieve your organization’s goals, you need to make your guests feel safe and secure at your events, as any unpleasant incidents can ruin the atmosphere and make it impossible to continue with your program.

Consider the potential security risks and take steps to prevent them well in advance, as you don’t want to be left scrambling to figure out what to do on the spot. An example of this could be providing VPN for mobile devices so your visitors know their smart devices are protected during your event.

event risk mitigation

Expense Spikes

While some companies associate event risk mitigation with the guests and their well-being, it’s also important to think about the risks associated with the budgeting and expenses of your event.

Sometimes, unexpected expenses can lead to an overblown budget that makes it all but impossible to achieve the event’s goals, so you need to have backup plans and a reserve in the budget to accommodate such situations.

Poor Customer Service

In today’s social-proof-driven landscape, maintaining the reputation of a company that cares about its customers is essential.

That’s why you must do your best to ensure that your handling of customer complaints and questions is always excellent and that on the rare occasions that it isn’t, you are able to quickly put out the fire and satisfy the demands of the unhappy customer.

event risk mitigation

Public Relations Flubs

Public relations is an integral part of any event’s marketing, but sometimes, instead of driving engagement and attendance, public relation stunts end up backfiring, causing public outrage.

In these situations, you must know how to quickly handle negative publicity the right way to ensure that the hits on your credibility stop as soon as possible, and you can shift public attention to your event.

Marketing Misfires

When promoting your event, you need to be able to quickly adjust and correct campaigns that drain your budget without delivering any results.

You should also have a diverse event marketing strategy that allows you to shift your focus if you see that one or two marketing methods aren’t delivering desired results.

Fumbled Financial Transactions

Sometimes, everything you’ve planned and prepared for can go haywire because of a simple mistake with transferring funds for various supplies and participants of the event.

You need to be extra careful when managing the funds that are allocated to the event because even a simple fumbled financial transaction can have terrible consequences.

event risk mitigation

Tech Meltdowns

Imagine inviting a prestigious speaker to give a speech at your event only to find out at the last minute that the microphone, speakers, or the video projectors don’t work.

You’re not only annoying the attendees, wasting the time of the speaker, but you’re also showing that you can’t be trusted to put together the basic functions of an event.

To avoid this scenario, you should always check and double check all of your required tech and have a dedicated audio/visual person on standby should something go wrong at the last second.

Unreliable WiFi

Finally, in an age where most of your attendees are online wherever they go, you must accommodate their needs and offer a fast and reliable WiFi connection so that they can share their thoughts, post media, and help promote your event on their social media accounts.

Luckily, most venues offer quality WiFi service, but you must personally check to make sure that the internet connection is fast, stable, and able to reach all of the areas that your event will be held in.

Even though a WiFi connection may seem like a simple detail, in the end, it can either help enhance the experience of your guests or become something that they will remember as an annoyance long after your event is finished.

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