How 15 Minutes a Week Can Revolutionize Your Event Marketing Strategy

event marketing strategyPost authored by Jeff Fugate, CASE, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

As an event manager, you work with a lot of moving pieces and parts as you bring your event marketing strategy to life. When it comes to putting things into action, there are options such as
raising cash for your marketing strategy or even speaking to professionals who know how to turn this aspect of a business into a reality. No one said running a business was going to be easy, but as long as there is a strong marketing plan put in place, this is a start.

At any given moment, you can be working with a dozen partners and vendors to help pull off your event, and that’s just your marketing efforts.

Trying to keep it all together can be impossible, and positively maddening.

However, in just 15 minutes, you can take control and get everything back on track.

event marketing strategyThe Chaos

Not too long ago, we worked with an event with 26,000 attendees, 1,100 exhibitors, and what seemed like an endless line of tech partners.

Many of these tech partners had varying needs that demanded immediate attention-often at the same time. The event’s marketing manager was on more than ten calls each week with both external partners and internal team members to solve these problems.

That left no time to review the results of recent marketing campaigns, activate new plans, or react to new opportunities.

All of these different calls and meetings required more time. Throw in scheduling conflicts, and it was a nightmare.

Often the right people weren’t at the right meetings, which led to more meetings and delays in executing the marketing plan creating negative implications for attendance.

Something had to change.

15 Minutes, Incredible Outcomes

The event manager decided that instead of keeping all the vendors, partners, and internal members in silos, they would create one call to rule them all. Each week, every stakeholder would join a call, and therefore everyone would be on the same page.

And this isn’t your typical conference call that can last hours. It’s getting everything said, done, and scheduled in 15 minutes or LESS!

The Story in Action

So what’s the secret to this event marketing strategy?

I can’t tell you just yet. You’ll have to wait until after I share this success story in person at IAEE Expo! Expo!

How Outside Tech Partners Can Add Super Powers to Your Marketing Efforts in Just 15 Minutes a Week will help you streamline the way your work gets done and even how it can help your attendee acquisition.

I look forward to talking about this as a panelist alongside:

  • Aidan Augustin, President, Feathr
  • John Berkoski, PCM, Principal, Roove Digital
  • Michael Barnett, CEO, InGo
  • Bill McGlade, CEM, Senior Director, Emerging Business, Personify A2Z Events
  • Joseph Colangelo, CEO, Bear Analytics
  • Jenn Ellek (Moderator), Sr. Director, Marketing, Taffy Event Strategies

It may sound too simplistic, or even too good to be true, but we can all assure you that in 15 minutes a week, your event marketing process can be streamlined and successful.

About Jeff

Jeff Fugate is the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Experient, leading the charge in client acquisition, retention, and growth through proven collaborative and consultative methodologies.

With more than 25 years of sales, marketing, and leadership experience, he’s passionate about helping clients overcome their most difficult challenges while seizing their greatest opportunities.

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