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The Buck Stops Here: The Life of a Strategic Events Manager

If you’ve ever wondered who plans the events for an event management company, look no further. Let us introduce you to Dan Potter, Senior Strategic Events Manager at Maritz Global Events.

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When Attendees Have Options, Why Should They Choose You?

Chances are good that your event is not the only one of its kind. That means your potential attendees may have to pick your event or another, which also means someone wins and someone loses.

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Creative Problem-Solving and Innovation: The Life of an Event Project Manager

If you described the role of an event project manager as “busy,” you may just win the award for Understatement of the Year. “Busy” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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Experience Design and the Importance of Drinking Your ‘Own Champagne’

Talking about how experience design transforms events is one thing. Actually applying those principles to your own event is even more challenging, but also more rewarding.

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Blazing New Trails in Esports: The Life of a Live Events Strategist

You’ve no doubt heard many stories about the power of experience design and how it can change the trajectory of events. However, you probably haven’t heard how it can drastically change the trajectory of someone’s career. Until now. Meet Taylor … Continue reading

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Crazy and Fulfilling: The Life of a Meeting and Event Manager

It’s no secret that the life of a meeting and event manager is stressful and challenging. But for all the frustration and aggravation it can cause, it can also be one of the most rewarding career paths you could imagine.

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3 Initial Thoughts From a Trade Show Rookie

Like many event, meeting and trade show professionals around the industry, I just returned from IAEE Expo! Expo! 2018 in New Orleans. Unlike many of them, however, this was my first rodeo on the show floor.

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IMEX 2017: Our Experiences So Far

With Day Two in the books at IMEX 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, our team has been busy with appointments, registration, education sessions and more. We were able to get a little insight from the first few days at IMEX from Experient’s … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2017: Tips for Designing Sustainable Events

Whether you’re trying to attract younger guests or simply just want to “do your part,” designing sustainable events is worthy a challenge for any organization. As our society evolves into a more environmentally conscious mindset (including the increasing popularity of … Continue reading

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