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Why the Over-50 Crowd Still Matters for Events

Post authored by Donna Kastner, Founder of Retirepreneur Have you noticed a demographic shift happening at professional conferences? You might not think the over-50 crowd still matters for events anymore. Oh… but they do.

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MGMA Discovers The Power of Event Innovation: The VIP Lounge

This episode of The VIP Lounge podcast is all about event innovation and how major organizations and even cities are looking to take their events and offerings one step further.

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How Changing Your Thinking Helps Design Better Event Experiences

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Content Marketing Manager It’s easy to get stuck in doing things the same way every year. This method has its own advantages, such as being familiar or easy to navigate since we’ve done them the … Continue reading

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International Event Planning 101: Why The ‘Where’ Matters Most

If you’re considering your first foray into the realm of international event planning, you’re off to a good start. The first element of any major endeavor must be setting the goals, objectives and expectations of an event, followed by a … Continue reading

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