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Implementing Experience Design in Small, Yet Powerful Ways

Post authored by Jennifer George Lion, CMP, PMP The term “experience design” is thrown around a lot in the meetings and events industry. But does everyone who uses it truly understand how to apply the concept to their events?

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Great Event Experiences Start With Your Registration & Housing Site

Post Authored by Aaron Dorsey, PMP, Sr. Director of Strategic Client Technology When was the last time you added your event registration or housing site to your experience design checklist?

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Exploring Event Experience Design with David Peckinpaugh – The VIP Lounge

In this edition of The VIP Lounge podcast, we’re thrilled to showcase an interview with David Peckinpaugh, President of Maritz Global Events.

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Event Experience Design Superheroes – The VIP Lounge

Experience design is the theme running across this entire podcast episode, which features two experience design superheroes who share a wealth of priceless insights with us.

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How Smarter Questions Drive Bigger and Better Event Improvements

Questions bubble up for event professionals all the time, but many go unasked even when they can lead to event improvements…

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Creative Thinking as an Event Experience Catalyst: The VIP Lounge

“Creative Thinking” is the theme running through episode five of The VIP Lounge, as we interview two creative dynamos: Jamie Murdock and Susan Robertson.

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Tech Breakthrough Dramatically Improves Trade Show Buyer and Seller Conversations

Post authored by Brian Scott, Chief Information Officer Trade shows are temporary deal-making ecosystems. Tens of thousands of buyers and sellers converge into a small and controlled space to discuss problems, solutions, aspirations, pricing, etc. For many, trade shows represent … Continue reading

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5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Activity in Your Mobile App

By Beth DeFrates, MSHTM, Manager, Product Group Do you know your recent event’s mobile download rate? This is one of the most important questions you should be able to answer prior to creating a download goal for next year’s mobile … Continue reading

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Do You Use Inbound Marketing To Attract Attendees?

Post authored by Mike Woellert, Marketing Specialist at Experient While outbound marketing is more cold-calling or emailing to a purchased list, inbound marketing focuses on content that attracts people toward you or your association (in this case, attendees to your … Continue reading

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Don’t Let a Bad Speaker Ruin Your Event

Post authored by Todd Belebczuk, Marketing Specialist at Experient Coauthored by Neal Shiller, Vice President of the International Speakers Bureau A few years ago, I had the unfortunate displeasure of attending a college commencement ceremony that had a terrible keynote … Continue reading

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