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Giving Back: How Your Event Can Make a Difference

Pouring back into the community that hosts your event should never be an obligation; it should be a display of gratitude and goodwill to those who have welcomed you and your attendees.

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A Brilliant New Twist on Conference Bags

At almost any event you attend, conference bags are sure to await your arrival. But have you ever been given one that you actually keep and use?

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Join Our Growing Community of Event Experience Designers — The VIP Lounge

Last week, something remarkable happened at Maritz Global Events’s e4 conference. Something so remarkable, we decided to share more in this special edition of The VIP Lounge podcast.

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Unleashing Human Gifts to Improve Your Events – The VIP Lounge

“How do we make the realm of human endeavor ever more productive, ever more creative, ever more fulfilling?” That mission threads throughout Polly LaBarre’s career, our guest on this edition of The VIP Lounge podcast.

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How Changing Your Thinking Helps Design Better Event Experiences

Post authored by Pattee Brown, Content Marketing Manager It’s easy to get stuck in doing things the same way every year. This method has its own advantages, such as being familiar or easy to navigate since we’ve done them the … Continue reading

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Scaling Up Your Conference Content Marketing Machine

While content marketing is getting more attention these days, it’s hardly a new concept. Continue reading

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