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Discover VidCon’s Success Formula for a Thriving Event

In just a few short years, VidCon has become a wildly popular event. But how did they create such a successful strategy?

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Want to Boost Event Attendance & Loyalty? Launch a Podcast

The podcast nation continues to experience steady growth, with some of the biggest gains happening thanks to people tuning in from their vehicles. So says Edison Research, in their report, The Podcast Consumer 2018, just released a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Event Marketing Strategies Built for Today’s Digital Marketplace

5 Questions for Event Marketing Strategist, Nick Borelli With 20+ years of experience serving the events industry, Nick Borelli has earned the coveted role as trusted advisor to many event organizers and for good reason. His command of digital marketing … Continue reading

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Room Block Mastery and Event Marketing Tips: The VIP Lounge

We kicked off this podcast episode on housing and event marketing with a closer look at busyness, as we shared a few highlights from this article by Harvard Business Review: Why Americans Are So Impressed by Busyness.

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An Event Marketing Force More Powerful Than FOMO

Post authored by Donna Kastner, Event Marketing Specialist True confession time: My appetite for conference learning and networking is voracious and it often exceeds my available time and budget. In turn, the “fear of missing out” (FOMO) on exceptional learning … Continue reading

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3 Proof Points for Podcasts as an Event Marketing Catalyst

Post Authored by Harby Tran, Director of Marketing In a world where our event marketing tactics include endless amounts of engaging content, I wonder if we’re truly utilizing one of its most effective and fastest-growing forms: podcasts. While podcasts have … Continue reading

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The CX Manifesto: Are You Designing Event Experiences with a Blindfold On?

Post authored by Jeff Fugate, SVP, Strategic Sales & Marketing There’s been much talk about data, especially in the context of event marketing and experience design, but talk is cheap. It’s time to advance from talking to doing. Why? Event … Continue reading

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“Show Me” Marketing Strategies to Boost Attendance and Loyalty

Post authored by Harby Tran, Director of Marketing Last week, we explored why “Show Me” Outperforms “Tell Me.” If you missed this post, give it a read, as it provides more context for today’s deeper dive. Images are powerful “Show … Continue reading

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5 Quick Tips for Event Social Media Success

Post authored by Mitch Cooper, Marketing Specialist Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have become household names over the past decade as the usage of social media has skyrocketed. In this era of accessibility, every event planner … Continue reading

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New York Times Goes Niche: Smart Event Growth Strategies to Adopt

Post authored by Gary Schirmacher, CMP, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing It’s no secret that the newspaper industry is navigating through some very disruptive waters. As readership declines, advertising revenue follows suit. Publications that stick to their guns and fail … Continue reading

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